Monday, September 21, 2009

Hiram trial starts today

Opening Arguments Begin in Hiram Monserrate's Assault Trial

NEW YORK (AP/1010 WINS) -- A judge will hear opening arguments Monday at the trial of a New York state senator charged with attacking his girlfriend in a fit of jealousy.

Hiram Monserrate has pleaded not guilty to assault charges in the incident at his apartment last December. He has been accused of slicing his girlfriend's face with broken glass during an argument. He says it was an accident.

Prosecutors say the girlfriend initially told police she was attacked but later recanted after she discovered he was going to be arrested. The wound required 20 stitches.

Opening statements began Monday before state Supreme Court Justice William Erlbaum in Queens. Last week, Monserrate waived his right to a jury trial.

Monserrate faces prison and the loss of his senate seat if convicted on the top charge.

Post columnist Andrea Peyser expects him to beat the rap.


Anonymous said...

what? no one is live-blogging this historic event?

Anonymous said...

There’s also the testimony of Carolyn Loudon, a neighbor on whose door Karla banged.

“I heard screaming” on the night in question, she told me. But she was too scared to open her door. She also didn’t call 911.


Remember Kitty Genovese?

Do you know why Queens is chonically understaffed in services - schools inadequate, hospitals closing, and political hacks run unopposed?

Why the one guy that actually spoke for the interests of the people, was greated with 'hope' and 'wish' and got votes like he as a joke canditate?

Or why the boro has become a standing joke, a sancutary city dumping ground where even the tweeded what to leave?

And finally, who appointed the judge to run for office, eh?

Anonymous said...

This city things everbody is that stupid releasing this tidbit.
Nothing to blog about !
This case doesnt even have jurors !!
A single appointed Judge decides.
Why bother with a trial when a closed door backroom deal was already made.
Talk about special treatment for 3rd world turds where beating and killing women is normal

Anonymous said...

Why compare this woman to the one who ignored Kitty Genovese. If she knows who Monserrate is, she knows he's a self-described and officially recognized lunatic who is presently serving in the Senate while getting a pension for craziness.

I hear the Senate has much better surroundings than the rubber room a Bellevue. He can try to run people down with a car, carve a women's eye with a glass, openly cheat on his wife and be wooed by the State Senate who fear offending such a sterling character.

He is indeed not crazy, we are. The devil knows his own.

Taxpayer said...

The fix is in. The Democrats must keep their majority, if only of one vote.

Then the state government can get down to the real important business of lining pockets.

Then this moron can shred Giraldo's face on camera on the Senate floor, with the judge present, and walk away, giving the taxpayers the finger.

Anonymous said...

FUCK him!!!! go to lail ass hole

Anonymous said...

How much money did he pay for this judge?

Anonymous said...


linda said...

the girlfriend is an insult to all women. your that afraid to stand up for your own rights?? i hope the judge throws his ass in jail for seven years! and the lawyer, she pushed her face into the glass, please you couldn't come up with anything else because the bastard is guilty. this lawyer is also an insult to all women, and i really hope he never has family that's abused by a mans hand...

Anonymous said...

Will the Doctors and Nurses who attended this woman be allowed to testify? They could certainly make a good case against the MonsterRat.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard a more lame defense opening statement.She was drunk and he was bringing the bimbo a glass of water WHILE SHE WAS SLEEPING!She awoke unexpectedly and smashed HER FACE INTO THE GLASS. I wonder who's paying the legal bill?

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

The laws just don't apply to a select group of New Yorkers.

The evidence is damming.

He doesn't seem to be able to experience shame. Remember the photos at Yankee Stadium when he defected and caused so much upset and cost tax payers mega bucks?

One thing he and girl friend seem to share is the pleasure of media coverage for bad behavior. He abused her but her turning around and covering it up and dressing like she is Mariah Carey in diva mode is gross.

He should be in jail for what he did to her and what he did to New York.

Anonymous said...

You expect this poor woman to fight Albany and City Hall both? That is not her job. Her face is sliced, now it is up to the Voters to tell Mr. Monserrate and all of his political supporters that they can go to hell.

There is a runoff on September 29th on Tuesday. I cannot tell you who to vote for, but I will be there at 5:30 am opening up the polls if Board of Elections asks me to work.

People in wheelchairs are coming. You be there too. (PS, I don't mean to suggest that he is running, only that lousy turn-out means lousy candidates, this time the mayor and controller's races are being decided)

Anonymous said...

Monster-rat...what a sorry ass excuse for a United States Marine.

Maybe some pissed off gunnery sergeant can arrange for a bunch of his guys to beat him down some dark night if he comes away with just a slap on the wrist!

Semper fi!

Anonymous said...

She is posing like a celebrity now? Come on!

Anonymous said...

First of all Domestic Violence is wrong. Who among us can say that we have never had heated arguments with our loved one, when someone loses their temper and regrets it later. Domestic Violence is a pattern of abuse both physical and mental intended to control the victim. This case seems more like a very terrible incident in two people's lives.

Monserrate does not have any prior arrests for domestic violence, nor does he have a history of domestic violence. Both Monserrate and Giraldo have wanted to put this case behind them. They have repeatedly requested that the order of protection be lifted so they can be together again. The judge denied this. What should have happened in this case is that the DA should reviewed all the evidence including the victims testimony to the grand jury, they should have interviewed Giraldo's friends, co-workers, and family to see if there was a history of violence, this would have determined if their existed a history of abuse and violence. Someone would have said something to the DA.

Somewhere along the line we need to believe Giraldo when she repeatedly states it was an accident. If the alleged victim is saying that under oath, then that is pretty powerful evidence. We need to refocus the case to what it really was; an unfortunate incident in a couple's lives, not a domestic abuse situation.