Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to the NYC subway...hardhats required!

So at Union Square this weekend, there was a sign that decided to no longer stay where it was placed.

Whether or not it had help coming down, I don't know. But it stayed there for a very long time before it was removed.

The MTA is all about our safety.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Bless you for posting this. I have to post the photos on my blog and youtubes.

The city planner from hell, socialite mega millionaire Amanda the people's Burden (thanks to your commentor for the play on words Burden is the people's Burden) helped pushed through more NYU mega dorm-domination by Union Square.

I lived next to St. Ann's for 20 years at 120 East 12th Street. Please walk by and you can see the facade from 1847 at the base of the hideous monstrosity. The USPS which is also a neighbor -- neighbor from hell just like NYU, the evil empire of the East Village, NYU mega dormed the E.Village to death), the USPS owned the air rights and sold the air rights to NYU.

The USPS was suppose to notify the State of NY so the State could come in and examine is this in the best interest of the community and infrastructure and environmental concerns and how about how NYU's on going supersizing all around the area affects Union Square and the subway? I would like to know that. The USPS would also block the fire hydrant by the entrance of my now ex-building. The USPS's attitude was and is they are above the law and they abuse their federal status when it comes to selling air rights and blocking fire hydrants.

When Zeckendorf did the same, he had to give us an escalator for the Union Square subway. NYU has given nothing but just weighed heavy on our infrastructure. Ditto for Cooper Union by the Astor Place subway where again Amanda Burden the wicked witch of the E. Village is at it again endangering our community while aiding and abetting her good friends Cooper Union just like NYU.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...


Check out this YouTube -- Union Square subway station leaking on sunny day....the subways rotted and dilapidated and isn't that comforting considering Bloomberg pushed a tsunami of community crushing development above ground with so many dilapidated infrastructures?

Anonymous said...

Symptomatic of NYC's falling economy...though the spin doctors are feverishly working 24/7 building up mountains of BS to convince us otherwise.

But it ALL HAPPENED under Bloomberg's watch!


November can become New York's
"D Day"...independence day...the day the echoing sound of Bloom-fuhrer's jack boots can no longer be heard in the corridors of city hall!

Ah...the sweet smell of defeat...of an aloof billionaire tyrant!

Anonymous said...

First of all, it's obvious from the contorted metal that the sign "had help" coming down. For that the MTA should not be blamed. The delay in cleanup, well that's another matter.

Secondly, Suzannah may have a good heart, but as a complete lunatic she's probably not someone you want to ally yourself with.

Anonymous said...

Actually, nothing about this says it "had help" coming down. It could be in that condition because it bent when it hit the floor.

As for Suzannah, she expresses herself the way she pleases and good for her. She is just about the only one who has the balls to confront these assholes.

Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean she is a "lunatic." In my opinion, the billionaire mayor is a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

MTA going your way....

Don't worry, according to Bloomturd if we reelect him he will pave the stations in gold, make the signs from silver and the trains and buses will run every 2 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Actually, nothing about this says it "had help" coming down. It could be in that condition because it bent when it hit the floor.

You're so willing to suspend disbelief for Crappy's sake that you're telling me the one end curled completely in on itself when it hit the ground after spontaneously - without any "help" - simply fell from its supports? Looks like some remedial physics lessons are in order.

Queens Crapper said...

"You're so willing to suspend disbelief for Crappy's sake"

Uh...what? I was actually the one who mentioned that it could have had help coming down. And I never asked anyone to "suspend disbelief." Your interpretation of things is amazing.

Anonymous said...

The subway in NY is worthy of a third world country. The reaction of some of my friends when they first see the subway is disbelief and disgust.

Anonymous said...

These stations should indeed be restored to their original splendour or better. In Europe and most notably Russia the subways are often like 5 star hotels and give daily pleasure to the people who ride them. They boast and are proud of them. Many NYC stations are disgusting dirty bathroom like environments. They are shameful and represent an underworld completely at odds with the vibrant architecture above ground. And people take no pride in many stations which in turn only leads to disrespect for them. When something is ugly people tend to add to the ugliness by throwing garbage on the floor and vandalizing its' already dismal state.