Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coverage of Bloomberg makes reporter sick

From Your Free Press:

My observation for over two decades of covering the politics emanating from City Hall is that the reporters assigned to Room 9, have become too cozy with the executives to inform their readers and listeners objectively.

There are reporters in Room 9 that have spent their entire professional career there. There are rare moments during mayoral news conferences, that they ask hard questions. Most of the time, the Mayor’s Press Office plants questions to some of the Mayor’s favorite reporters and they obediently follow with the tainted questions. Anyone who follows the Mayor’s press conferences can identify them by observing how many times Mayor Bloomberg acknowledges them from the podium. Some of them, told me that they would like to ask questions to mine (objective and independent), but if they do, they will be blackballed by the Mayor.

The Mayor has gained the support of 24 community newspapers. The denizens of Room 9 have failed to question the Mayor and his campaign operators, on how the Mayor has secured the support of community and ethnic newspapers The following is a partial list of those papers:

Haitian Times, Queens Tribune, Queens Ledger/Brooklyn Star, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Queens Chronicle, The National Herald, Ming Pao Daily News, Pakistan News, Illyria, The Weekly Bangladesh, Novoye Russkoye Slovo, EcuaTimes, Yevreiski Mir, Ecuador News, The New York Page, Irish Voice, Jewish Press, NY Al Día, La Semana Metro, Impacto Latin News, Queens Courier, New York Community Times, China Press, El Especial & El Especialito.

As the publisher of the NYC Free Press I am well aware of the financial difficulties small community newspapers deal with. Several times, politicians have offered to advertise in The NYC Free Press if the paper would support them and print laudatory articles about them. I have always been proud to reject them. Did the mayor $20 billion fortune and giant campaign advertising budget have gotten to these newspapers?

Of course the small community newspapers are not alone in this scheme by Mayor Bloomberg's campaign team. We only have to peruse the mainstream media and read their laudatory stories about Bloombito - Little Bloomberg. It is not only the print media, but the electronic media as well.

Like politicians, reporters assigned to City Hall’s Room 9 should be term limited too. Their claim to be objective is as realistic as a $3 dollar bill.


Snake Plissskin said...

This is a very very very important issue - news has been reduced to political hack and developer ads that masquerade as news.

The fourth estate has sunk to the lowest level of 19th century journalism.

Might be great to read about some empty headed starlets out of wedlock baby bump (read 2-bit whore) and the details of the relief pitching for the Mets, but little else.

A very big reason that civics are in a state of decay.

What to do but scorn that 'Media Capital of the World.'

They hate that.

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh