Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How Bloomberg relates to Queens homeowners

From the Daily News:

Maybe this is Mayor Bloomberg's plan to out help middle-class homeowners.

Hizzoner wanted a blue-collar house in Queens for his newest TV ad - and paid an eye-popping Manhattan rent to use it Thursday for just seven hours.

Bloomberg's campaign shelled out $3,000 to a Forest Hills homeowner to shoot scenes in the garage, living room and bathroom of his 2-1/2-story, single-family residence on a tree-lined block.

The mayor was a no-show.


Anonymous said...

Props for advertising, that's what Queens is to the tweeders. Look at all the vibrant, diverse neighborhoods of honest, hardworking homeowners!

Here's what would be in my TV spot, in no particular order:
1) 21st St station of the G train
2) Boarded up St. John's and Mary Immaculate hospitals
3) The treeless stretch of Hillside Ave between the 179 st and Parsons Blvd stations of the F train, a truly filthy and repulsive area
4) Dead goats on Howard Beach
5) Mount Bloomberg, see:
6) Some Fedders crap building
7) The little men giving out cards for hookers around Roosevelt Ave
8) A black guy getting off his SUV at a red light and pissing between two parked cars (one of the many lovely sights in the vibrant neighborhood called Jamaica)

ceiling on my head lady said...

Here is what I would send him. A movie of my ceiling in my living room. By the way, a neighbor informed me that the reason one of my LL's newest buildings has stalled is that the cement is not even half the required thickness and the bricks on the partially completed site is shifting.

I will make a movie of this when it comes down. Perhaps one of the Newsmedia will pay me enough for living like a gypsy for the past couple of years while paying full rent.

Anonymous said...

here wot he should see: a whiny tower person riding a bike in a bike lane in Long Island City on way to hookah bar.

after hookah bar then riding to play cricket in Flu-xing Meadow Park instead of all American baseball. then going to hip abandoned barge on gowanus canal.

Vibrant! Diverse!! tweeding!!!