Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Bloomberg initiative fails miserably

"Dear Q. C.,

I was slowly crawling by Flushing Meadow (and later the New York Times building) and spotted an unusual sight: geese. It made me very happy to see them back but it also got me concerned as I am going to assume there must still be a plan to rid the area of geese.

Seeing "new" flocks does prove what folks in the know were saying all along - killing the present population will not stop others from coming in. So killing all those geese this summer, in effect, did nothing at all to protect planes & people, long term.

I have lived in this area all my life - as have my parents and grandparents. The geese were always there and we loved them. So this is an issue near and dear to me. If you get any more news about it please do continue to post it and thanks for letting folks like me know about what is going on in our neighborhood. Especially thanks for telling us when there is something we can do to make a difference.

Keep up the good work,

I am looking at this as a metaphor for Queens. Bloomberg is trying his darnedest to kill the outer boroughs, acting as if we're pests. But much to his chagrin, we aren't going anywhere. Ha!

Photo from 10000 Birds


Anonymous said...

Elmer! Get yer shotgunn boy..... we goin hun'in!!

Anonymous said...

You know, that's the amazing thing about geese. They have wings!