Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Citywide race results - we'll have 2 runoffs!


Anonymous said...

Well lets ban those words 'hope' and 'wish' from this board - see how far they got.

Tony's showinig is pathetic - a little more than Roland Rogers who ranks with the Naked Cowboy, Rev Billy, and Rent to Damn High Party.

Tony failed for a number of reasons - lack of money, lack of regconition, lack of internet savvy (well in Queens that will not likely get him far) and lack of his supporters for ACTING UP!!!

Did we learn anything?

Anonymous said...

He lost for lack of coverage period. A lot of people I spoke to didn't even know how is opposing the dictator. That in my eyes is our bought and sold media.

Snake Plissskin said...

He lost because the people that know about community preservation, the centerpiece of his platform, did nothing to help him.

I'm not talking about the pathetic and suspicous 'Greens' or what happens at Broadway Flushing or the like.

I am talking about Greenwich Village, Landmarks West, Brooklyn Heights, and the Civitas on the East Side and the like.

The Village Voice.

Any of the places could have made a difference. They did nothing.

Adds to the suspicion by many on this board that these are the problems rather than the solutions.

Any community where the developers and their minions live, living on the subsidy of Landmark Designation, will certainly keep their feet on our necks.

The Landmarks Law should be overturned. Hey developers, you want to have fun with prime real estate, go after your own communities.

You make more money there than in Ozone Park!

Anonymous said...

Tony has a future. You will see.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Eric's campaign won't be calling my house everyday? Gee, I'm over-Goia'd!

georgetheatheist said...

Vale Vallone.

Anonymous said...

He lost because he sucks. blommie will sail into his 3rd term. Mark my words. We should consider ourselves lucky to have him.