Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bloomberg's million trees legacy

Couldn't help but notice as I make my way around the borough to document crap that many of these "One in a Million" trees seem to not be making it past infancy...

Your tax dollars at work.


Anonymous said...

illegal immigrants don't like trees. they cut them down to put in concrete for the all night fiestas. that's so they can drive all the locals out, drive up the rents for all their relatives.

Anonymous said...

re:the 19 sibling trees planted in the asphalt ball
diamond at P.S. 159 Q in Bayside.Parks Dept or D.O.Ed. had to remove 15 of these dead trees after two months.We thought that public protest forced them to do this. A source tells us that n.y.c. BLOOMTURD BUNGLERS WILL REPLANT ANOTHER 15

Joe said...

That’s what happens to saplings when there is nobody around who likes or wants to take care of them.
In the 60’s the old Germans in Ridgewood were out there with brooms and garden hoses 8AM

Clueless asshole Beantown mayor he needs to be planting London Plane trees (Bloodgood, Liberty or Columbia)for use on urban Northeast sidewalks. These are the few trees hardy enough to make it.
People like Paul Stier, Gustave Matthews knew this ages ago

The lack of green space and water in the ground is bad enough now add this concrete used by most this Eurocrap construction = WORSE !
It’s poisonous and loaded with acids, catalizers, lime and other “secret ingredients”.

When I lived in Ridgewood come 1983 some of the new landlords from Slavic countries were poisoning the trees (I’m not going to post how it was done)
They didn’t want to sweep the sidewalks during spring and fall and were always claiming the trees were going to fall.

I was there 3 weeks ago, Most all the trees on Seneca Ave, up the 60th lane hill are gone due to neglect or construction

Anonymous said...

Neither has the Mayor so it's par for the course.

Anonymous said...

Hey QC, please do a piece on how western queens has become tree stump capitol of NYC. Almost every block has two or three stumps. The mayor is cutting them down faster then planting them.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't have allowed those old growth trees to be butchered at the old St. Saviour's site you turtle faced shrimp SOB of a mayor!

Anonymous said...

Nope. Trees live where people are civilized. If you don't give a sh*t about them, then they die. Bloomie can't watch every one.

Anonymous said...

They didn’t want to sweep the sidewalks during spring and fall and were always claiming the trees were going to fall.


Things become much more obvious in the winter.

If there is a shoveled sidewalk, you can guarantee the home owner was raised in NYC. If its not, 9 times out of 10, its a "new arrival"

Such fantastic, upstanding people we are importing, no?

Anonymous said...

This is not Mike's fault. What is he supposed to do--plant trees and then post police next to each one? Trees need water, feeding, and dog crap and piss kept away from them. Homeowners used to do this. It's clear the new New Yorkers prefer concrete and crap to beautiful tree-lined streets.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is Bloomberg's fault.

The criticism of this million trees program was that the city would plant the trees without input from the homeowner and then they expected these homeowners to invest money to take care of them. In the past, the Parks Department was responsible for making sure they were healthy and growing properly.

In other words, we knew this would happen. But a photo op is more important than throwing taxpayer money down the drain.

And FYI: more trees in this city are felled by trucks, pollution, etc. than neglect by homeowners.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the hostility and stupidity of others where it comes to trees.

Girdling mature trees that can fall on someone's house. Children taking out knives and hacking at saplings that were freshly planted. Trucks backing over trees.

Where there are public amenities planted on public land, all malefactors should be fined sufficiently to pay for at least a dozen or more new plantings and they should be forced to spend some time planting them too.

Of course, it goes without saying that the public should have some input into the types of species planted so that mature trees are of appropriate size to their location.

Anonymous said...

Bloomturd doubles the property owner's water charge,
LIU and most of the city council increase our property
taxes 25.5% since 2002, then expect citizens to water
the trees.
tea party rally at BOWNE PARK, Saturday,9/12/09 at
1:30 PM.

See"Bloomberg's DOB and BSA jeopardize
Leaning 35 ' tree in far right of photo was destroyed by Lee Con cement trucks in August. There were no recording posts on theDOB complaintwebsite?
Will the contractors be penalized? (196-29 42nd Avenue. Tree is on the sidewalk now.

Anonymous said...

London Planes may not be native, and they grow thick, but they can survive in this city. They were Robert Moses' tree of choice in city parks.

Anonymous said...

I have 3 dead adult trees outside my window on 70th rd in Forest Hills for a year now and am wondering if we will get new trees or they will pave over where the stumps once stood so it looks like the opposite side of the street. A concrete double sidewalk..We need the trees and if they are dying they should change the species or type of tree. Where are the Willows !!!

Anonymous said...

London Planes are not planted any more because they are extremely allergenic. Although beautiful, they are not what we need in an asthmatic city. However, there are no shortage of trees that can grow in various parts of the city including the omnipresent ginko biloba.

Rego-Forester said...

Several of the trees that my colleagues and I reported in Forest Hills and Rego Park have been replaced, only to not bud this summer. Some have become moldy on their trunks.

Anonymous said...

Rego -Forester.

Please tell me where to report to get them replaced with at least a chance to make it..The 3 dead ones outside my window are about 6 stories tall and are an eyesore...I would put one in myself if I knew it were allowed and the city could remove the dead ones..Anyone with this infor please write....Thank you

warp10 said...

The parks dept. has a new page on their site to report tree issues (including dead trees.) In my experience reporting dead trees, they are usually cut down within 2 months of making the report. They then supposedly add the location to a future tree planting contract.