Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bloomberg's DOB all mobbed up

From the NY Post:

At least six city building inspectors -- some with ties to a powerful crime family -- were videotaped taking bribes at construction sites, and some were seen dealing cocaine and prescription pills while on duty, The Post has learned.

The corrupt Department of Buildings workers -- who lined their pockets by ignoring violations or expediting construction and building work permits -- will be arrested later this month, along with about two dozen Luchese crime-family captains, soldiers and associates, sources said.

Among the other startling revelations:

* Two of the crooked city employees are known by law enforcement as full-blown Luchese associates.

* The investigation included several landlords who own buildings in Manhattan and The Bronx -- with at least one facing certain arrest, sources say.

* About 50 search warrants were executed in city offices, mob-run social clubs, wire rooms and wiseguys' homes.

The nearly two-year probe grew out of a 2007 New Jersey case involving a Luchese faction that ran a staggering $2 billion-a-year gambling operation and supplied drugs and cellphones to Bloods gang members in state prisons.

That probe -- which netted 32 wiseguys -- soon spread across the Hudson River into the family's Big Apple hierarchy, prompting surveillance and wiretapping by the NYPD and Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau's office, the sources said.


Taxpayer said...

And we're supposed to believe that Commissar Godfather knew nothing?

He is very ignorant, but, he knew all about this. Probably arranged it.

Dump the Commissar. We don't need no stinkin' crooks living off our tax dollars any longer.

Anonymous said...

what role did the mob in the DOB have in the two dead fireman in the Deutsche Bank?

Nobody Knew?

A man who makes 20 billion knows the mob is running his DOB

Jerry Rotondi said...

No shit Sherlock!

Like I've suggested publicly before to DOB biggies at a Maspeth/Middle Village civic meeting...SPOT CHECK POLYGRAPH ALL DOB BUILDING INSPECTORS!

RU listening Mayor Mike?

Anonymous said...

Please God, keep this investigation going! Please don't allow it to stop with only six scapegoats.

linda said...

that would explain how a house is build over a garage over a weekend. DOB has done nothing to inforce the laws and the orginal owner was able to flip it. so now i'm flipping the finger to this city!!!

raffie said...

scumbags they think they can do what ever they want JAIL JAIL JAIL THATS WERE they BELONG

Anonymous said...

Tom Cooke from District 19 has been talking about this stuff for months now, day after day, more news keeps coming that proves his point. We need leadership we can trust, we need men like Tom Cooke!

Anonymous said...

Don Fanucci to Vito Corleone:

"I only want to wet my beak a little".

And those DOB bastards drank the whole damn glass of wine once they got their mouths on the rim!

Now the feds have got to rout the new Asian mafia which has replaced the old Italian mob!

That's going to be their toughest job because they're so inscrutable!

Anonymous said...

Actually they are from the Ongibene Crime Family. However, they blame the DA not themsevles.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Time to rewind and watch me yell "Oust the King" from the steps of City Hall at Mike Bloomberg as he gives me the thumbs up!

Mike Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of community crushing development. This article is just a hint of the disaster and recklessness with corruption that has jeopardized the people of this city.

A tourist said to me -- the city has lost it's edge.
He is from Canada. I said if edge means "soul" you are right! Thanks Mike Bloomberg.
Vote this guy out of office or we will have a reckless tsunami of community crushing development yet again. The city looks like hell, the streets look like there was an earth quake and the development he pushed was reckless and too many people died, were displaced, evicted...welcome to Bloomberg hell.

No more Bloomberg.

Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy

Anonymous said...

what about the edc?

Anonymous said...

Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank

Dead fireman Mob involved in the contruction company and mob involved in DOB

Yes this city is lawless

Anonymous said...

Can everyone stop complaining!!! It's not like anything is gonna change. Look at all the ignorant idiots around you. They are gonna vote the same losers in anyway. And lets not forget about all the Union idiots. They will vote for whoever their crooked union will tell them to vote for. Nothing will change people!!!

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Can everyone stop complaining!!! It's not like anything is gonna change.

I couldn't agree more. Now everyone shut up and vote for me...or else!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Su. I am just waiting for the perp walk for all these corrupt DOB inspectors! I can't wait, but the real criminals are still goint to be sitting pretty and untouched. Bloomie and his developer friends know all about it.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh, all these condos that have been over developed in every borough was done by non-union, most likely illeagal immergrants, and the D.O.B. rarely goes to these sites. They are always on the union jobs hasseling us about a hard hat and fining our G.C.'s but these condo people never get fined and if they do it stays as pending. I personally believe thie mob has their hands in the condos people's pocket and the D.O.B.. I was telling someone the other day, when they took the mob out of the unions, they left a bunch of retards in charge. They let the non-union build and the illeagals work when they have union members out of work. They, the reatrds, back bloomberg but I, the hard working union memeber, will not be voting for that ass hole. Only RETARDS vote for Mike Bloomberg. I would'nt be surprised if Bloomberg didn't make his Billions off those crooks. Funny how he made money, along with the developers durning the tough times we went through.....

ceiling on my head lady said...

Why does this come as a surprise to anyone. When I discussed Building Inspectors who received televisions as payments for overlooking violations or mentioned my landlord meeting them on the roof of my building. Everyone thought I was the hysterical dame who had a rich fantasy life.

Anonymous said...

I guess Curtis Sliwa show will be good tonight (770 AM)
His "Cappa De Tucci" case with Agnello is coming up on possible the same date as monster rat.

Anonymous said...

wish they would go after the HPD inspectors in Queens county. Start with that shit in Boro Hall Office who wears a gigunda gold crucifix. is a supervisor w/an Irish name. is owned by the slumlords.

Anonymous said...

Two words-Grove Street