Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Massive fire in LIC

From Fox 5:

A massive fire is burning in a two-story warehouse in Long Island City, Queens.

The flames broke out at around 6 a.m. at 50-10 27th Street and 50th Avenue.

Giant plumes of smoke from the blaze are covering the western side of the Long Island Expressway just before the Queens Midtown Tunnel.

Expect delays of at least 25 minutes on the Expressway.

NY Traffic Authority Ines Rosales recommends drivers in the area take the 59th Street Bridge or get off on the Queens Boulevard and take the Queens Borough Bridge.

There are no reports of injuries.


Anonymous said...

I woke up to the smell of burning wood this morning between 7-7:30am. I live in DUMBO.

Newtown Pentacle said...

As it happens, I was preparing a post about this place. I just uploaded photos of it (pre-fire of course) last night. Following links go to flickr.


This place has been empty for a LONG time.

here's what it looked like in january of 2009


Its down the block from the Borden Avenue Bridge project, and at the end of "the empty corridor"


Anonymous said...

Really? Take the 59th Street Bridge -OR- the Queensboro Bridge...

That's interesting. Retards...

Anonymous said...

I am sure it was just an accident. Yeah, ok.

ceiling on my head lady said...

Let me explain something. This is of a piece with the corrupt DOB story. Among my other travails I caught my landlord painting gasoline on the bannisters of my building, which still had tenants in it and pour gas down the drain.

They were caught by the Fire Department as well, but they are walking around just fine. I wonder how the people in the buildings next to us would like to know their property could have been consumed by an explosive fireball.

Anonymous said...

This property was illegally sited by DOB fpr puting those huge obnoxious billboards up. I knew a guy who used to do that on 50th Street - total slim ball - probably the same owner. What an a*hole? trying to make easy $$ now and ripping someone off. . . probably making room for some development

Anonymous said...

Newtown Pentacle - note your links don't work.

Newtown Pentacle said...

I noticed- something got clipped in translation- apologies- here's a blog posting page at NewtownPentacle.com, with the links live. If QC is kind enough to approve, here's the url:


Anonymous said...

I guess now somebody like Pistilli can build without incurring any demolition expenses.

Anonymous said...

Pistilli doesn't need to burn them down--they fall down by themselves.