Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why crime stats are down

From 1010WINS:

Police said they were investigating a Harlem policewoman Thursday after a straphanger claimed the officer turned her away when she tried to report a man who she says exposed himself to her on a Manhattan train.

The 41-year-old woman snapped a cell phone picture (at left/police handout) of a man she says began masturbating in front of her on a northbound number 3 train.

When she later went to the 32nd Precinct to report it, she claims the uniformed officer told her it wasn't a police matter and to call the city's 311 non-emergency hot line.

The NYPD said on that the internal affairs unit is looking into the matter.

"It was a police matter and IAB is investigating why anyone would have been told otherwise," police spokesman Paul Browne tells the paper.

In a statement, a transit spokesman said, "We are confident that police officers take these complaints seriously when alerted to by customers, and that the response of these particular officers as disclosed by the department is an aberration."

From the Daily News:

A musician whose two rare violins were swiped as he dozed on a subway claims the NYPD didn't want to hear him sing the blues.

"I felt like I was being treated like a defendant or a criminal," Gregor Kitzis, a member of the Carnegie Hall Orchestra of St. Luke's, fumed on Wednesday.

The vexed violinist claims it took two days and a lot of running around to different police stations before he could even get a cop to write a report.


Anonymous said...

That is the real point of 311. You no longer have anyone in the community responsible.

Call up and place a report.

Then go to bed.

A host of rules - like a food vendor that no longer moves his cart and sets up tables on a sidewalk, to the pigsty this boro had become, to more serious stuff like that subway purvert, anyone that spends any time on the stret knows that a host of things are just getting ignored.

Anonymous said...

This is standard operating procedure under Kelly.If by chance a complaint report is ismany times "reclassified to a misdemeanor. If you wre to report athat you the victim of a pickpocket,you would be treated like crap and ultimately it would be classified as "lost property".that goes from an e felony to a non crime.It's done inevery command in every borough.

Anonymous said...

Crime is up, quality of life violations increase and PD fiddles the numbers.

Anonymous said...

new york city is not a safe big city
crime stats are down because half the stuff never gets reported

why do i tune to channel 11 and see 6 or more people shot stabbed murdered daily?

rape is big in this city
drugs is out of control

crime stats is a lie

G said...

The musician should have said that terrorists stole his violins. He'd have gotten 1000 officers with dogs wearing bullet proof vests combing through all the catacombs of the subway.

Anonymous said...

Kick him in his nuts and he'll be sure to keep 'em holstered!