Saturday, August 8, 2009

White broke campaign finance rules

From City Hall:

Pictures provided to City Hall show that Council Member Thomas White (D-Queens) has been mixing Council business with his personal re-election campaign, in an apparent direct violation of campaign finance laws.

In pictures sent in by one of White’s opponents in the race, White campaign workers are shown in front of a store simultaneously petitioning and handing out White’s official Council newsletter, complete with the Council logo and White’s Council email address on it. White himself does not appear in the photos from the event.


Anonymous said...

Helen Sears is sending her staff out. Pass by the Post office on 37 ave and 77 street in queens and you'll see sears staff...

Anonymous said...

Another example of how uninformed voters are. The first time he *served* on the Council he had the worst attendance record and guess what he got voted back in again.

I believe if you engraved candidate information on many voters foreheads they would still stay uninformed.