Sunday, August 16, 2009

Verizon & Con Ed both pass the buck

From the Times Ledger:

Community Board 7 member John Barone said a finger-pointing match between two of the largest companies in the country has started over electrical damage to his home, but thus far he has had to foot the $3,000 bill.

Barone, who lives at 14-57 157th St. in Whitestone, said the trouble started in mid-July when his lights began flickering during a thunderstorm. The problem persisted and Barone, unable to locate the cause of the problem, called an electrician.

“What had happened is this telephone pole outside my house has been leaning away from the house towards the street,” Barone said. “It pulled the wires on top of my house so tight that it pulled the pole holding them off the house and it cracked a water drainage pipe.”

The result was water funneling into his home’s main circuit box, which quickly became rusted and began to short out.

Barone said the repairs cost him $3,000 and when Con Edison workers initially responded to the scene, they told him the utility would pay for the repairs if he filed a claim.

But shortly after doing so, Barone said he received a call from Con Ed’s utility department, informing him that while the wiring was theirs, the pole itself belonged to telecommunications company Verizon.

“So I called up Verizon and they told me that it’s the wires that are pulling the pole to the side, so it’s Con Edison’s responsibility,” Barone said.


ceiling on my head lady said...

Both Verizon and Con Ed can complete for the chucklehead award. Con Edison is attemping to collect a $9,000 dollar gas bill from my neighbor who lives in a one-bedroom apartment and had no gas for either cooking or heating for over two years.

For the 40 years he lived their he used the minimum gas Con Ed includes with basic service.

Verizon had technicians remove live telephone wires from my apartment and 3 other hold-out rent stabilized tenents because my landlord said the apartments were empty. Hello? Telephone company call and see who picks up? Read your own billing records.

I have a bad medical history. My neighbor (of the 9,000 Con Ed bill confronted Verizon, made them restore service and was nearly arrested for "trespassing," stepping briefly into where the Techs were working so they could demonstrate where they had connected the lines.

Anonymous said...

Why don't these 2 utilities show good faith and split the bill? Good publicity for them and good for the customer.

Anonymous said...

Duh...Barrone Gavonne...why did you wait so long?

If my house had that kind of existing condition I would have been on both their asses before all that occurred.

You can join both utilities in receiving a triple knuckle head award.

Sigh...a typical CB#7 "bright light'!