Sunday, August 16, 2009

State Senate hires $100,760-a-year "creative director"

From the Daily News:

The state Senate doesn't have turncoat Sen. Pedro Espada's son on the payroll anymore - but it still has a deejay.

Christopher Sealey, who has worked for Prince and Mick Jagger, was given a $100,760-a-year "creative director" job this year by the Senate's ruling Democratic majority.

Senate spokesman Austin Shafran said Sealey was instrumental in crafting the Senate's updated Web site and improving communications between lawmakers and constituents.

"It is very important that the Senate be able to have a continual conversation with those who we are elected to serve," Shafran said. "Chris is one of those people who makes that possible."

Prior to joining the Senate, Sealey did creative work for Housing Works, a New York City-based nonprofit agency.

Sealey is a Twitter fan, and has tweeted about Senate raises, his wardrobe and state politics.

But he's not giving interviews. Senate Democrats won't let him speak to the press.


Anonymous said...

Chris Sealy wonders "What the Senate Was Thinking when it hired Him..."

Anonymous said...

It's such a good thing for the taxpaying little guy and small business owner now that the Dems. have the state senate.

Anonymous said...

Monserrat will be out of job very soon.... he'll be available for marketing and promotions serving jail time. Espada will protect his `amigo'

Anonymous said...

Cronyism ia alive and well.