Thursday, August 13, 2009

Revive hospital at St. John's site

Dear Editor (Times Newsweekly):

It is obvious that this heavily populated area needs a hospital, certainly not a restaurant or a bakery. Area hospitals are overcrowded as a result of the closure of three facilities since November 2008. What should be discussed is the impact that this has had on the surrounding communities and remaining hospitals in the area.

I particularly enjoyed the proposal from the venture capitalist who wants to bring a "high-level medical facility" and attach a supermarket to the property. It can be called "Shop and Drop."

The people of Queens deserve quality healthcare. This site should be used for that purpose solely.

Patricia Loccisano


Anonymous said...

Queens is extremely overcrowded.

now closing 3 hospitals in a tight area with over 2 million people.

Bloomberg has no heart to close hospitals and firehouses

"I was at flushing hospital yesterday and iv never seen so many people at the emergency room and they wait hours just to get called in."

new york is going down the toilet

Anonymous said...

What did Bloomberg have to do with this? This was a private hospital that was mismanaged and went bankrupt. You all need to know what you are talking about and stop being misdirected.

Anonymous said...

And when the flu pandemic strikes...

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone ask the Vallone$ who wants planned development (read a flood of people) into their community.

They are very coy not wanting to discuss how many people this is. Naturally, the locals, in true Astoria stupid fashion, are buying this hook line and sinker.

The problem is for the rest of Queens. In an area that used to have three hospitals (and half the population 50 years ago) health care for the region has plumeted.

So ask your city council person their opinion. Write to your Queens weekly that passively accepts Bloomberg's efforts to dump 100,000s on the borough why they are supporting him.

Then get back to Crappy with your videos or letters.

Thank you. You DO have a voice.

Now use it!

Queens Crapper said...

"What did Bloomberg have to do with this? This was a private hospital that was mismanaged and went bankrupt. You all need to know what you are talking about and stop being misdirected."

Bloomberg had the opportunity to expand Elmhurst Hospital into this facility. He chose to let the people of Queens suffer and die.

However, we will be spending hundreds of millions of tax dollars to have a new luxury housing/retail/convention center for people who haven't arrived here yet across the street from Citifield, after we spend hundreds of millions to displace the legal landowners who are already there.

Priorities. This mayor's sense of them is warped.

Anonymous said...

Under Obama no hospital or doctor has a chance.

So far the Obama gang has stiffed every auto dealer in the
Cash For Clunkers program. They can’t get paid.
Social medicine doesn’t work in Canada, Europe or any place else. Natasha Richardson and Vet hospitals are a perfect example.
..... Miserable care!

Now add 100 million illegal parasites who will go on welfare as soon as these dems give them papers.
Those people will never get jobs once they have the jackpot ticket.

Never seen so many people at the emergency room ?
Yeah 9 out of 10 were likley pregnant Mexicans and Guats and their offspring --thats how they get free quick heath care.
Its backwards
No papers = No problem.
American with insurence = 2 hours of paperwork (likley typed up in India).
No insurence, hope you dont own a house.
I get it now.
The Obama Socialists want all the hospitals to go down then be taken over by the goverment and run like Europe and Canada.
Ride 300 miles in a van Natasha Richardson to get a local MRI and die en route

Your better off flying to Cuba for medical work.

Anonymous said...

our president has to be the worst ever. you want to fix shit here in america? well, 1st english only 2nd health care for only american citizens 3rd deport asses who don't follow our laws! we have been getting screwed for years with illegals not paying taxes and getting free health insurance. if you want to come here to live you have to respect our laws and come here with proper papers. the hospitals we do have here in queens would not be over crowded, if they had to pay. when will all the government and liberals get it already. oh wait the hamptons folks are now upset because they're living in their backyards, well asses you brought them there.

Anonymous said...

Illegals are the reason why this country is in such bad shape. They live off the taxpayers and now the taxpayers are out of work. Obama wants to reward the illegals at the taxpayers expense. Queens is full of illegals. When they get sick, they go to the City Hospital and get medical care for free. As usual, the taxpayer foots the bill. Is it too much to ask for a hospital facility when we get sick? St. John's has it's building intact. Please put another hospital there. The Illegals keep coming for their freebies and our medical facilities are shrinking. Please make this facility a hospital.

Anonymous said...

make sait john's a hospital...

why so it's an annex for elmhurst so all the illegals can get free health insurance. i pay out of my ass for cobra and i have to "PAY" for child health plus, it pisses me off! i'm a citizen and pay out of my ass, while everyone in queens illegal fxxks the system. i hate when they brag how they can go home and live large after screwing us americans.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Seminerio could help?

Anonymous said...

Obama gave people and immigrants $200 grants what about the people who are hard working, lets take care of our own before we help anyone else. My grandparents came here in the 1920's no English and no hand outs just hard working, what happened to those immigrants. Now a days everyone wants a hand out???? Get off your ass and work and learn English and give back to America like all the other immigrants did in the past. NO MORE FREE RIDE, TAKE OR GET OUT OF AMERICA IMMIGRANTS ARE BRINGING DOWN AMERICA. WE HAVE TO STOP THIS. LETS BE LIKE THE IMMIGRANTS OF YESTERDAY.

Anonymous said...

All our politicians suck they all get VIP treatment in hospitals!!! This was a political killing lets see who gets St. Johns and MIH all our politicians should rot in hell what they did to Queens!!!! AND STOP THE IMMIGRANTS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I rather have my take money go to the elderly who have put their time and hard work in to this country, not the immigrants who want a free ride. 1st rule learn ENGLISH

Anonymous said...

As long as they build a Hospital unlike St. Johns (the worst hospital with Parkway a very very close second)

An expansion of Elmhurt Hospital would have been nice

Keep out Queens Alliance too and their shelters!

Anonymous said...

has anyone heard to whom st. john's is sold? and mary immaculate?
for peanuts, way less below the expacted firesale?

is st. john's really going to be a museum for the helen marshall foundation for ailing queens policiticans?

and mary immaculate the poster child for cheap housing?