Saturday, August 1, 2009

One in a million with a little something extra

From Miss Heather:

It would appear that not everyone is so keen of Mayor Mike’s 1,000,000 trees initiative.

Ah, the million trees initiative. Another fake Bloomberg goal. Glad a canine New Yorker left his opinion.


Anonymous said...

re:P.S.159 Q playground in Bayside,where Mayor Bloombergs "greenie" agents planted 19 trees,built 1 gazebo on 3rd base with benches at each dog toilet across the ball diamond.this will destroy play for future teens forever.About 8 trees have been removed( thanks to the crapper blog).But the trees at half-court of the basketball area must go to so the teens can play a full-court game.this is common at all public playgrouds.the ball diamond must be restored. JUMPSHOT

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.
Is Crapper really against everything?? How can you be against trees? If Bloomberg proposed that everyone should smile at least once a day, would you be against that, too?

Queens Crapper said...

Bloomberg is the one who's against trees.

I am for preserving mature trees. What has Bloomberg done about that? He wants to cut down a basin full of them in the Ridgewood Reservoir.

As for planting new ones, the city is leaving that largely up to developers. I'm sure it will be strictly enforced! And then, the trees become the responsibility of the homeowner to care for because Parks doesn't have the manpower or money to do it.

Bloomberg has made life so much more livable!

Anonymous said...

Re:"I DON'T GET IT'...Don't you agree that 19 trees planted over a "playground" ball diamond is the wrong place for the "greenies" to waste n.y.c. citizens taxes?Many center malls and medians of roadways are barren.For example:the 42 avenue center median from Francis Lewis Blvd to Bell Blvd.The PARKS DEPT.has ignored tree requests there.Move the P.S.159 sibling trees to 42 avenue.The teens can play ball again.Check:P.S.162,M.S.158,Utopia Playground($1million renovation),no trees destroying field.Why?Those citizens & CRAPPER have common sense. JUMPSHOT

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, i don't believe a canine left that particular "pile of fertilizer" shown in the picture. looks, disturbingly, more like a concerned taxpayer to me, but i could be wrong.

what's not to get? a thinking person would see that there's a little more involved than a simple facetious post. most of us understand all too well. our city has become an absurdity with corrupt politicians pledging to beautify the same neighborhoods they are destroying with overdevelopment and poor planning.

it's hard to be positive when you've grown up in beautiful green treelined neighborhoods and over the years have watched the city and developers knock down all the private homes (which had trees with grassy front and back lawns) in favor of brick boxes with paved over front, side and back driveways. noplace to plant trees now, and all that is visible is the brickface the electric wires and fedder covers. now you have 4 families where you had one and no street parking. but let's try to look on the bright side, right?

nobody is arguing against the trees that help make our neighborhoods green and pleasant. it's a noble goal of the administration but is it an empty one? and when the city starts planting trees in the middle of ballfields it makes me suspicious. what is really going on here? i start to think that they've come up with this "solution" because they've already allowed developers to snatch up our green areas.

i'm just waiting for the city to start clearcutting existing trees to make room for the million they are claiming they'll plant.

*end of rant*

Queens Crapper said...

Yes, Miss Heather wrote to me and told me it looked human to her, and I was hoping that it might have been left by a Great Dane, but she dismissed that as well stating that most dogs in Greenpoint are of the pocket type.

In other words - how gross!

Miss Heather said...

Actually many--- if not most--- dogs in Greenpoint are not of the "pocket type". We have puppies of all sizes here. Among them are a significant number of Pitbulls/pit mixes. Contrary to popular belief these canines do not menace the general population because they have been treated/trained kindly by their owners.

The bowel movement in question resided at North 8 Street and Kent Avenue: it's a Williamsburg/Northside turd! And it was most decidedly of human origin.

Give crap cred where it's truly due, Crappy. God only knows Greenpoint gets enough shit as is, e.g.; the Newtown Creek Waste Treatment Facility. ;)