Sunday, August 9, 2009

More proof that affordable housing is a joke

From the Daily News:

The Bloomberg administration never checked to see if developers who got discounted city land in exchange for building affordable housing kept their end of the deal, the Daily News has learned.

The Cornerstone Program was supposed to transfer vacant city-owned land to private developers who promised to build 2,191 homes there, with 1,510 units designated for low-or middle-income New Yorkers.

Yet the Department of Housing Preservation and Development has not followed up to see whether developers complied with those terms, an audit obtained by The News found.

"HPD did not maintain accurate information on the number of developments participating in the Cornerstone Program or any information on the number of affordable units being developed," the audit by Controller William Thompson said. HPD replied that it was upgrading its computer system that tracks affordable housing development. Some of the land in the program was sold to developers for as little a $1.


Anonymous said...

What Queens needs is another LeFreak!!!

Taxpayer said...

HPD says it was "upgrading its computer system", so, failed to audit for compliance.

Well, dear readers, all of us - from gigantic corporations with billion-dollar systems budgets, to you and me who add ink to our printer - we all are "upgrading its computer system".

As we all know very well, computers keep plugging all through any upgrade. If HPD computer systems failed in that simple case, then we have to fire its boss, Commissar Death and Taxes. Keep in mind, he claims his wealth originated from his superior expertise in Computer Systems.

Or, is that claim just another lie?

That doesn't prevent us from getting through each day, doing what we are supposed to do.

HPD didn't check for compliance because they and we knew there was none to be found.

There was none to be found because Commissar Death and Taxes planed for his extremely wealthy cronies to never have to be exercised in complying with any requirements, from safety to zoning to infrastructure overload.

Why is the Commissar 5 to 6 times wealthier in the past 8 years, though he takes a salary of just $1 annually?

Keep in mind as you consider his wealth, that he is a failed manager, and his business is failing.

How do failing managers quintuple their wealth in these times?

Does the work kickback from extremely wealthy developer cronies find a place in your answer?

Let's kickback this garbage to Boston.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Amanda Burden, socialite mega millionaire and city planner used the term affordable housing as a Trojan Horse for developers to bust through zoning and supersize!

She got her friends at The NY Daily News to state she preserved the East Village but use your eyes -- the entire EV Bowery Lower East Side looks like a bad xerox of Dubai.

Bloomberg, his mini me Quinn and that rich wicked witch Amanda Burden believe if they say it we will believe it.

Oust the Bloomberg administration, reclaim NYC!

Suzannah B. Troy

Anonymous said...

The word "proof" is being used very loosely here.
Developers may abuse a program, HPD may not have the resources to track every development (or they may be politically coerced to turn the other way), and the Mayor may be insincere, but that doesn't invalidate the goal of providing affordable housing. Whose side are you all on?

Anonymous said...

"that doesn't invalidate the goal of providing affordable housing."

The goal of "affordable housing" is to provide a very small minority of people with a benefit that the vast majority of people in the city do not now have and will never have.

It's a fucking joke and a farce. Make all apartments market rate and the laws of supply and demand will provide affordable housing on their own.

Anonymous said...

Make all apartments market rate and the laws of supply and demand will provide affordable housing on their own.

I see you are devoutly religious.
Surely nothing I can say will sway you on the rightness and justness of your god, the "laws" of market mechanics.
Obviously, since everyone in the US has health insurance - and our health care system has not yet been (eek!) nationalized - supply and demand are working quite well there.
Not to mention what loosening trade restrictions has done to the labor market in this country. We're still at zero percent unemployment, right? That invisible hand is guiding us all down the path of righteousness and prosperity.

By the way, Suzannah, do you even know what Dubai looks like? Or do you just assume that "Dubai" in some exotic language means "tall apartment buildings"?

Queens Crapper said...

"Obviously, since everyone in the US has health insurance - and our health care system has not yet been (eek!) nationalized - supply and demand are working quite well there."

That's a dumb analogy. Health insurance is a work benefit.

ceiling on my head lady said...

Since the poor and working classes have disproportionately had their ancient hovels destroyed in order to benefit others, it is only fair that some housing be set aside for their benefit.

Otherwise you will deplete the labor base of this city as well as cause destitution and social unrest.

This is not the town where "all the children are above average" "As the bible says, the poor will always be with us" Keeping down real suffering is an investment in keeping down crime and riots.