Friday, August 7, 2009

Mexican artifacts donated to charity

From the Daily News:

A Queens rubbish remover who found ancient Mexican artifacts while cleaning an apartment donated some pieces to a charity auction Monday night, defying legal threats from the Mexican government.

Nick DiMola, 39, offered a tripod bowl, a broken part of a vase and four figurines as one lot for a Westchester County fund-raiser for kids with cerebral palsy.


Ant said...

If the government's claims are true, I hope he's prosecuted for trafficking stolen merchandise.

It was in poor taste for the charity to accept them.

Anonymous said...

They can be taken from whoever buys them and returned to the Mexican government. You never get title to stolen property.

The person who buys them is not entitled to compensation either.

Anonymous said...

Shame on finder and charity that accepted them. I sure do hope the Mexican governmet goes after them.
Gringo banditos. I'm not Mexican but against all thieves.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me how the USA took prosession of the Hungarian Crown during World War II to "Keep it safe". Finally gave it back a few years ago. Wonder who they were keeping it safe from for over fifty years.

neversleep said...

Probably the folks who kept the country under their thumb for all those years... starting with Joe Stalin.