Monday, August 3, 2009

Katz neglects supporters, so they jump ship

From the Daily News:

Assemblyman Nelson Castro, who is listed on Councilwoman Melinda Katz's campaign Web site as a supporter of her comptroller bid, has thrown his support to one of her opponents, Councilman John Liu.

Castro said he and his club, the West Bronx Democrats (not incorporated), have long been Liu supporters and were on their way to endorsing him for public advocate when he abruptly switched races back in March.

Since Castro had already started talking to Katz about backing her in the comptroller contest, he decided to remain loyal. But since then, he has been disappointed by her lack of attention to his district.

"We tried working things out with her," Castro said. "But when we invite her to things in our district because she's our candidate, she hasn't been responsive. If we call, we need people to be there for us, and I think that's what John Liu has done. He has proven he's willing to do that since even before he was running for this office."


Anonymous said...

Castro supporting John Liu isn't much of an improvement over Katz...the Queen of kickbacks from NYC's real estate developers!

Joseph Liu (Jonny's daddy) was convicted of federal bank fraud (the Great Eastern Bank job) and a cousin of the notorious tommy Huang!

Do you want the son of a bank robber handling NYC's money?

Support and vote for Weprin who has got some real experience in finance.

Anonymous said...

The pols in Queens (with the big exception of Tony A) don't even go through the motions of doing anything useful anymore - a big change in the past decade.

With the lapdog press and the community board in the pocket, they gaze surenely over a landscap of the invisible.

That is why Queens pols almost always never get anywhere once they leave the caccoon.

Remember the big hopes they had for the Vallone$?

Taxpayer said...

I wonder if Katz is smart enough to have her bags packed and her office records (all those constituent responses she's made) boxed up and ready to go.

She's a goner.

chris said...

is it wrong to think the comptroller should have a degree in some kind of finance?

Evan S. said...

Melinda's got the nicest mouth that I've ever come across (not counting the commissar's)!

Anonymous said...

The first endorsement was Dennis Gallagher. Maybe she still has him.

Anonymous said...

What I love is her campaign keeps pushing the fact she is the only woman running. I find that so insulting, as if I would only vote for another woman and no other criteria. As a life long feminist I want to see more women in government (my criteria is Qualified Women not Just Women)