Thursday, August 20, 2009

Inside 5 Pointz

Gothamist takes one last look inside the 5 Pointz building:

Despite getting a fresh coat of exterior paint, everyone has to be out by this Saturday, August 22nd. After that, the owners said he may turn it back into a factory for now.


Lino said...

What an awful environment to have to work in.

Is there a name for that masterpiece?

How about: Van Siclen Ave Station 1978.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you happy it's inside the building? To each his own.

Anonymous said...

Nobody's asking you to live or work in there "Lord Lino".

A lot of the "artistes" that
occupy these spaces masturbate "artworks" in multi media...not to be confused with working.

Try living a real life outside of your two dimensional cyber-world.

Yo about posting one of your artistic creations on Queens

Anonymous said...

At least it exhibits energy.

It sure beats some of the catatonic comments we have to suffer through here.

Some of these self absorbed posters sure do like breakin' their backs suckin' off their own dicks!