Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Harlem condo owners not fans of Mickey D's

From the NY Post:

It's an attack on the Big Mac.

Residents of the most expensive condo in Harlem are turning their noses up at a planned McDonald's in their midst.

Aghast at the potential grease stench, rodents, loitering and trash, not to mention plummeting property values, some say they would rather chip in and rent or buy the ground-floor space themselves than have the golden arches move in.

You guys have to see this thing in person. The balconies jut forward and run along the wall of the building next door.


Anonymous said...

Prejudiced? Racially? Really!! This building is as racially mixed as the United Nations.

The problems are not the kids who are skateboarding or meeting their friends in the park, it's much more than that it's the 24 hour panhandlers, 24 hour homeless people sleeping in the small park adjacent to the building.

Walk by the building and see the piles of garbage (and rats)scattered through the bushes. Drunks sleeping on the curbs people using the buildings outdoor alcoves as urinals.

Now McDonald's will provide a wellspring of opportunities to congregate, panhandle even more and act as a deterrent to the growth of the rest of the neighborhood. lets not forget to mention the rats, roaches, garbage, litter and 24 hour a day odors.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you got a problem? Move to Hunters Pt next to one of the biggest train yards on the East Coast.

Anonymous said...

Hunters Point could use a McDonald's.

It also has a relatively small trainyard. Difference is in other parts of the country, dumb yokels aren't moving into highrises next to them.

Queens Crapper said...

"Prejudiced? Racially? Really!! This building is as racially mixed as the United Nations."

Who mentioned race?

Anonymous said...

There's an expensive condo in Harlem??!!??

Anonymous said...

Apparently there are not enough McDonalds in Harlem. Last time I checked, 125th Street was chock a block with them.

Many people don't want any kind of food business in their building because it increases the risk of fire and the smell of grease can penetrate the entire building.

Not to mention the constant noise and traffic. What a novel notion, people who spend big bucks on their homes actually want peace and quiet. How dare they!

Queens Crapper said...

Maybe they shouldn't have purchased a condo in a building with retail on the ground floor then.

Anonymous said...

I hear you, but they do have a voice in the running of the building via the common charges that they pay. Presumably this is why they choose to purchase equity instead of being a pay as you go tenant able to leave after the slightest provocation.

So much for the joys of ownership.