Saturday, August 8, 2009

Faulty sticker glue strikes again!

From NY1:

"I found two parking tickets on my windshield. And both for the same reason, having the registration sticker on the dash they said," said Hedin.

Each ticket was for $65, which Hedin says he shouldn't have to pay.

"It shouldn't be my fault. I shouldn't have to pay for a ticket, let alone two of them," said Hedin.

But the Department of Finance didn't agree. When Hedin appealed, the judge dismissed only one of the tickets.

"The first ticket he dismissed because the sticker fell off and basically I didn't know it had fallen off," said Hedin. "Where the second ticket, he claims that it's a subsequent ticket for the same offense so he couldn't dismiss it, so I'm found guilty for the $65."

Hedin says it's an unfair decision since he didn't see the first ticket until he'd already found the second.

"Obviously if I had received a ticket for it, if I had seen it fall off I would have taped it up there," said Hedin.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

The mayor always finds ways to make the middle classes and small businesses pay and pay as part of the great Bloomberg push out. One example is aggressive ticketing making it impossible to do business in NYC, let alone live.

If you are rich it doesn't mean much to it is a killer to the middle class and poor. Big businesses get ticketed big time as well. I have seen their trucks with 2 or more tickets but that just means they raise their prices for consumers.

Thanks mr. mega billionaire king mayor.

You have so many mega billions you go donate at least one billion you made last year while working at your dollar a year job to NYC instead of crushing the middle class and closing homeless shelters!

Suzannah B. Troy

Caitlin B said...

I haven't gotten a ticket yet, but my sticker refuses to stay on my windshield. What do I do?

-Joe said...

This is your tree huggers at work.
From the space shuttle disaster, tires coming apart on parkways to these stickers. CFC based adhesives should be allowed in certain cases.

5 weeks and 2nd set of replacement stickers are falling off as well.
The jackasses in Albany didnt fix anything.

Caitlin try --Clean the area of all with a Q Tip & alcohol clear nail polish.
Put the nail polish on the sticker then push it to the windshield then pull it back till all the polish gets is tacky.
The press it on and keep pushing around the edge till it sets.
A razor blade will take it right off nect year.

Dont use Elmers or any water based glue.

Sid? said...

Double sided scotch tape placed strategically should do the trick and not attract too much attention from over zealous traffic enforcement agents...sometimes, little battles against the machine can be very effective...

Anonymous said...

I also have a registration sticker that is hangin on by a thread. I have to make sure to tape it before I also get a ticket.

-Joe said...

I tried double sided scotch tape, as soon as it heats up it releases and your left with a gooey mess.
It’s the same environmental stuff thats on there now.

Find a theatrical supply or wig supply place.
Its stronger then the best duct tape, clear and water proof.

It’s also sold in liquid contact form. They use it in movies to stick on hair, prosthetics.
It’s called Silicon Bonding adhesive.

warp10 said...

Regular (single-sided) Scotch (name-brand) tape works fine here for the last 6 months.

Anonymous said...

Packing tape,clear and strong.Don;t forget to cut a small section on the bar code off your reg sticker.Then tape it back in upside down,it can't be read..............

Anonymous said...

Dont put the sticker upside down as that is also a summonsable offense.