Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day-care center owner tells Huang to kiss her ass

From the Daily News:

A day-care center is refusing to leave the Klein Farm, a 2-acre property on 73rd Ave., despite an eviction notice from the landlord, Audrey Realty, owned by Tommy Huang.

Li Chen, owner of Apple Tree Day Care, refused to vacate the Klein Farm by her June 30 eviction date. The case went to Civil Court on Thursday but a final decision was adjourned to Sept. 10.

Chen's two-year lease, which began in March 2008, states the only reason she can be kicked out before the lease ends is if the property is sold, said her attorney, Yi Lin.

"So far, [Huang] has failed to present a copy of the contract of sale," Lin said.

Huang's company would only tell Chen that a synagogue purchased the property for $5.6 million, Lin said.

The synagogue is said to be looking to build a community center on the land. The Queens County Farm Museum has previously expressed interest in establishing an annex there.

City records indicate Audrey Realty is the current property owner. Craig Zim, a lawyer for Audrey Realty, declined to provide details on the case or the status of the property.

Photo from Forgotten-NY.


Anonymous said...

HANG HUANG and his supportive NYC pols, judges etc. !!!

Anonymous said...

For heavens sake, has anyone asked Lui about his cousin?

Remember, do it while the camera is on!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it can be a green synagogue, which would promote the site's history as a farm.

But knowing Tommy Huang's history, I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Green synagogue...that will be the day.

Those Russians and Iranian from North Shore LIJ from that area will plow everything flat to the property line and put up a sand colored monster like they did in Great Neck.

They HATE anything green, especially if it requires upkeep like unused land or painted structures.
The agressive fire ants and never sleep till they get their way.

Anonymous said...

They HATE anything green

Money is green!!!

Anonymous said...

Green I assume you mean Jade and not cash with serial #s
Take a walk around the Jersey Docks, Hoboken where most world wide moving and storage companys like Galil operate

The new & imported Kosher Nostra trade among themselves in diamonds, gold, jade and other assorted "imports"
Hell they even ship containers of German Cars.

Jewish queenscrap fan. said...

I notice the fourth, fifth, and sixth anonymous are making blanket judgments. Don't forget your white hoods.

While its mosaics and ticket booth are gone, most of the old Trylon theater (now synagogue) is still recognizable.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought it was a Bukharian "education center". Thanks for clarifying that it's a synagogue. Maybe next you can explain why the mosaics depicting a piece of Queens history had to be destroyed instead of sent to a museum.

linda said...

huang will tear the place down then build, build and build. building dept. better be watching this man. i still can't believe he's allowed to continue to do business here in NYC when so many are sueing his asian ass.

-Joe said...

Blanket judgments ?
I judge groups (as well as people) by the way they act.
Most the Bukharian, Georgian and Iranian Jewish act, drive, and build like A'o's.
I have a front row seat living near the "new" Great Neck !

I have many Jewish friends, Iranian Jewish Friends (who are funny as hell)..Im not a racist.

2 -A Bukharian "education center" IS or always contains a Synagogue for tax reasons. It depends on who is writing or editing the full story

The Bukharians and these Diamond District Hasdees (spelling ?) build these complexes so big they have many of wings and floors.
Take a look at the new "Airport Chhabad" Great Neck Democrats & N Shore LIJ rammed down Manhassets throat.

You can fit 8 Boeing 747's on the dam roof and another 25 more on the "Nuked" property. Im told it has its own bakery, Bus depot, Theatre and gift shop.
At my last look (wile stuck behind a convoy of 10Cement mixers); It appears some kind of water slide or zigzag wall is being build around it.

That WAS a small Black Bapist church & woods. After 12 years of fighting over "NO Rezoning No Permits" for this Democrats get elected, bust the zoning and gave them everything. Its tax exempt on Manhassset Property and water works.

I know exactly what im talking about coming from a town thats been fighting this crap for 20 years.
If Great Neck has no more room for big crap that shouldnt be our problem.
Its also a terrorist target and the town is directly downwind most of the year.

Oy Vey said...

I notice the fourth, fifth, and sixth anonymous are making blanket judgments. Don't forget your white hoods.

Just a schmucky troll!

Anonymous said...

The Trylon...recognizable?

It's been reduced to an architectural abortion!

Better that it was totally torn down than to survive in its undignified condition of disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Ditto. Real Queens Crap. Take it from a victim. When will the table turn?

Anonymous said...

Ditto for me! Real queens crap those Huangs are don't you think! Must be all those donations they make keeping them safe.