Monday, August 10, 2009

Critters invade abandoned home

From the Times Ledger:

Neighbors living near a vacant Oakland Gardens home said they believe the site has been attracting unwanted critters into their community, including a skunk that has sprayed several neighborhood pets.

The home, at 218-51 Hartland Ave. in Oakland Gardens, has been sitting empty for a number of years following the death of the owner, neighbors said. A car with four flat tires in the driveway has a 2001 inspection sticker in the window, a porch in the back of the property is filled with musty furniture that is stacked in piles and a side door has a broken-out window.

Residents living along the street and behind the vacant property said they were fed up with animals scampering to and from the home during the past few years, including raccoons, rats, possums and a skunk.


Anonymous said...

These ignorant people do not realize how really lucky they are to have the natural world so close to them. All we have in our neighborhood is rats, roaches and pigeons. Who wants to trade me? Anyone??

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that skunk wasn't really Mike Bloomberg in formal attire?

Anonymous said...

what is taking so long to administer the estate?

Sergey Kadinsky said...

In my neighborhood, there are almost a dozen vacant homes within a 10 minute walk of my home. They are ugly and a blight on the neighborhood.

Some are owned by estates of their deceased owners, others are owned by real estate companies that have a hard time selling them.

As the conditions get worse, the only likely buyers of these homes would be developers eager to knock them down in favor of Fedders Specials.

I sent a letter to Councilman Gennaro about these homes. Since then, some of them had their lawns mowed. But most remain abandoned and in decrepit ocnidtion.

I urged the councilman to enact a law dealing with vacant homes, but so far, I haven't heard about his solution to the problem.

Anonymous said...

skunks spraying pets? Thats hilarious

Anonymous said...

that hurt them, leave them alone or if you are so damn intolerable of other species then trap them and take them upstate.

Anonymous said...

Is that Ira Cohen? Heheheh