Monday, August 17, 2009

The caliber of candidates keeps getting better

From the Daily News:

A Queens City Council candidate took the brawl for City Hall literally on Friday, throwing a punch at a rival in a wild argument over election rules, witnesses said.

The brouhaha broke out at the borough's Board of Elections office, witnesses said.

Ruben Wills - who's running for the 28th Council District seat - took a swing at former City Councilman Allan Jennings, but missed and socked an aide, Jennings said.

Wills, 38, is challenging Jennings' petitions to get on the ballot for the upcoming Democratic primary in September.

"He leaped up and came after me," said Jennings, 42, who held the seat from 2001 to 2005. "He wanted a signature off, and I disagreed."

Jennings campaign worker Frank Perero said he was sitting in front of a computer when Wills' fist hit him and knocked him to the ground.

"All of a sudden, Mr. Wills pops with an angry look on his face, and I find myself on the floor," said Perero. "My back is killing me."

Wills, who told the Daily News he is withdrawing his petition challenge, accused Perero of "buffoonery to act like he was assaulted."

He also accused Jennings of "using the F-word used for homosexuals. He used it 10 or 11 times. He kept going with it."

Wills and Jennings are running against incumbent Thomas White for the seat that represents Richmond Hill, South Ozone Park, Jamaica and Rochdale Village.


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Kevin Walsh said...

Well I'm sure John Deutzmann wouldn't mind if Jennings got socked.

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Anonymous said...

I guess being in prison for assault is no bar to service. Look at Monserrate and Parker for sterling examples.

Anonymous said...

How about a celebrity boxing match with John Duetzmann and Jennings?

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You know, there are other candidates in this district besides White, Wills, and Jennings. The voters have a choice.

Anonymous said...

If you read the article ytou will see Wills was not arreseted after cops interviewed all the BOE Witness's no one could collaborate the aides story Jennings and his aide lied