Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bloomberg's union boss backer busted

From 1010WINS:

The leader of a powerful labor union that recently endorsed Mayor Michael Bloomberg in his re-election campaign was charged Wednesday with taking bribes from contractors who were scheming to cut labor costs.

Michael Forde, executive secretary-treasurer of the New York City District Council of Carpenters and Joiners, surrendered to the FBI Wednesday to face racketeering, conspiracy and other charges.

Prosecutors said that in exchange for about $1 million in bribes, the union leadership let contractors pay workers with cash at below-union rate wages and employ nonunion and undocumented laborers. The defendants concealed the conspiracy by falsifying and destroying paperwork meant to keep the jobs honest, authorities said.

In June, the Bloomberg campaign announced it had received an endorsement from the 21,000-member carpenters' union, saying it "is known to have one of the best get-out-the-vote operations in organized labor, and on Election Day they will be putting their manpower to use on behalf of the mayor." A video posted on Bloomberg's campaign Web site shows Forde giving the mayor a hug after introducing him at a union rally.


Anonymous said...

Unions are killing this country.

Anonymous said...

If Unions don't want to become extinct they have to stop the corruption from with in. That also includes workers that are not doing their work.

Anonymous said...


The unions were first formed to fight the bully tactics of their abusive overlording bosses.

Now they've become mobster thugs themselves!

Bye, Bye, Bloomberg!

And every union gangster is wondering why the USA is exporting its manufacturing jobs overseas?

I'm glad I can still afford the toothpicks I use that are made in China than pay extortion wages to American laborers to pick my pockets clean!

I think we should follow the wise Chinese example of using prisoners to make things instead of paying to keep them in expensive jail cells while they consort with their fellow gang members!

Anonymous said...

Wow, do you think that the news will cover Bloomberg's support from a labor racketeer?

Will someone ask him about this?

Anonymous said...

Sort of explains why we want to dump all the Vibrant! Diverse! population on Queens.

They can be exploited but they dont live next door.

Anonymous said...

Question to all you union guys who are out of work.

Why can't you picket Bloomberg's house?

He is the guy that is reponsible for you being out of work but supportin scabs.

He is also the guy responsible for the skyrocketing cost of living as money is spent to support developers,

cover double digit raises the pols give themselves and their friends,

and another million people coming to take your jobs.

Anonymous said...

Unions gave You health insurance, weekend, vacations and a fair wage. There's corruption in every walk of life. Banking, sports, unions, politics,CHURCH'S ,etc...
It's a part of life. You deal with it the best way you can and put those who are corrupt behind bars.

georgetheatheist said...

Look for the Union label.

Anonymous said...

You deal with it the best way you can and put those who are corrupt behind bars.

Bloomturd behind bars!!?!! Lovin' it!

Anonymous said...

Unions are the only jobs allowing a middle class lifestyle in this city. Fix the corruption, but don't throw out the baby with the bath water.

linda said...

unions are what keeps things thriving in this city. bloomass shouldn't be backed by any union! bloomturd hires non union for his own projects thru-out this city. don't hate the workers for the corruption inside. sick of people bashing unions, i believe your just jealous of the salaries and benefits.

Anonymous said...

Unions are killing this country.


No the counrty is killing the unions. That is what this Bloming asshole of a mayor is doing. He is playing both side of his hand, one being the unions and two being the develoers. If he can try to bust the unions then the developers can make more money not paying the union wage. I am a union memeber and I bust my ass everday. Some days I feel they dont pay me enough. I do believe in the unions, the skilled workers. We built this city. And if you think we don't do enough, we do more and are skilled at what we do, so in the long run the union way will cost less than having some unskilled,( more than likely illegal immagrant), doing the job.
If you believe we are all corrupt because of these men, then I guess you'll bve voting the Bloomberg. It is obvious how well Mike has you believing anything...

Anonymous said...

The construction industry in NYC is all mobbed up with union thugs and that's not likely to ever change.

Brian Mc Laughlin (former fearless leader of the Central Labor Council) is going to jail.

If anyone remembers...Jim Bishop (head of the corrupt painters' union)...was gunned down next door to the Stavisky residence in Beechurst over a decade ago (no doubt to shut him up before he gave up his mafia/pol affiliates)!

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Corruption, organized crime, interconnection with politics...are some of the "best" products that unions have produced!

And cut the crap that labor unions make it possible for the middle class to exist in NYC.

This middle class resident survives his status by buying quality cheaper priced foreign goods.

When you union label guys get off your high horses and make quality goods that can compete in price with the imported stuff then I can afford to buy 'em!

Otherwise'll get no quarter from me !

Anonymous said...

to the previous post:
f u you moron. Who do you think is in the unions that are mob related in this day and age? That is the problem, when they took the mob out of the unions they left behind some ass kissing pussy who will bend over backwards for these politicans.

Anonymous said...

Alas...I must have struck a nerve with the previous poster!

Are you, perhaps, a relative of one those union "soldieri" or just one of those ass-wipes that's hooked up with the crooked pols?

Anonymous said...

Politically, the unions are a joke. They predictably endorse only the Democrats, and almost always the clubhouse incumbents.