Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bloomberg's 311 system is a freakin' joke

From NY1:

The large crack in the sidewalk right outside Maldonado's home stems from the roots of an adjacent locust tree.

Maldonado planned to fix the sidewalk himself when he bought his home a year ago but was told by his local community board that he cannot touch the tree because it is city property.

So Maldonado called 311 and filed a request to have the city fix the sidewalk.

NY1 verified that 311 does have a record of Maldonado placing a service request in June 2008, but apparently it was never communicated to the Parks Department.

From the Queens Ledger:

New Yorkers can’t argue with overall improvement in the quality of life here in the past eight years. Bloomberg has accomplished this through accountability - accountability with schools, police, and sanitation.

We point to one sensible program that few other mayors would dare try: 311.

Think about how difficult is was to get a pothole fixed 15 years ago. Now just call 311, like thousands of New Yorkers do every day.

How simple was that? A sensible program with action, results, and accountability built in.

Yes, just ask the people of Willets Point!


Anonymous said...

Bloombrg (in this case)meant well.The first problem is no money for basic maintenance.Number 2 is that many folks wont weed or water these trees.Especially those on commercial strips.

ceiling on my head lady said...

Wait until he falls on him or his family. They will tout the excellent emergency services response.

Anonymous said...

311 is nothing but a complaint gathering system. The complaints are gathered but few are resolved.

Jeff said...

I've never had a response to one of my 311 calls.

Anonymous said...

Just do what the Chinese do when they dont want to bother with taking care of a tree in this city... daily doses of chemicals till the thing dies.

Anonymous said...

When the tree dies it will fall on someone and kill them. Don't even suggest that as a joke. This tree needs pruning or professional removal.