Friday, August 21, 2009

Astoria's Matthews Model Flats & more

From the Newtown Pentacle:

This is an interesting neighborhood, and it is where our Newtown Pentacle is headquartered. 44th street between 30th and 31st avenues is bookended by 1928 vintage Matthews Model flats- “model new law tenements” which fill nearly half of the block in an unbroken line of Kreischer yellow brick. There are 6 units in each building, with the 4 story bookends on each corner. It is a working class section of the ancient village, and it always has been. The surrounding blocks were farms as late as the early 20th century, and despite a long period of abuse and neglect beginning in the late 1950’s the current property owners are performing careful maintenance on these historic structures.


Anonymous said...

My family lives on that block and bought the building back in the 20s.


Built by an immigrant for immigrants. Never a foreclosure. Always profitable to own. Built like iron.

A formula lost.

Anonymous said...

Why is a mention of profit obligatory in commenting on housing? This mentality is behind the mortgage crisis - exchange value trumps use value.

Queens Crapper said...

Because when you own a 6-family house, you hope to make a profit.

Anonymous said...

Cute, historic but generally ugly ass buildings compared to others...a Welsh mining town in Queens.

But built to last it's a great value to those that live in them...not like those multi family cardboard boxes they build today.