Wednesday, August 12, 2009

5-year old saves mother and unborn sister

From NY1:

Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta honored a five-year-old boy from Queens who called 911 when he found his pregnant mom collapsed on the floor.

Last Wednesday, Talihque Garay was watching a movie at his Jamaica, Queens home, when he noticed his mother had passed out. His mom, who is eight-months pregnant, has a medical condition that makes her prone to seizures.

About two years ago, Garay's mother, Jennifer, had told him that if anything ever happened to her, he should call 911. That's exactly what he did last week. Staying calm on the phone, the five-year-old gave the 911 operator his home address, the EMTs arrived, and were able to resuscitate her.

The FDNY presented Garay today with a junior paramedic certificate. He was also given a paramedic outfit.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this 5 year old should run for mayor. He's certainly more mature than the current one.

Anonymous said...

What a good little boy. The adults should think so quickly.

Anonymous said...

I'd feel more secure having this sensible tyke at the helm than the cast of morons who currently masquerade as our elected reps.

Anonymous said...

This is a great story. This beautiful lillte boy began being a terrific big brother before his sister was even born!

What a great way to start life for the little girl.


Anonymous said...

Make the kid fire commissioner,that old prick won't live another 2 years!