Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 different municipalities, 2 different philosophies

From the LI Press:

The Suffolk County Legislature will vote next week to spend nearly $15 million to buy and preserve up to 164 acres of the 568-acre Overton Preserve, a triangular-shaped area bordered by Route 112, Granny Road and Mill Road in Coram.

“There is very little of this kind of land left on the Island,” said Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy of the property, which is also designated as part of the Central Suffolk Special Groundwater Protection Area. “Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.”

And the land almost was gone forever. Several plans for development, now defunct, were underway for the Overton preserve, including the building of 144 homes spanning 160 acres by one of the property owners, Jerry Spiegel.

In addition to the Overton Preserve purchase, the Suffolk County Legislature will also vote next week to buy farmland development rights for dozens of acres in the Town of Riverhead.

Compare this to the Bloombergian philosophy of developing the open space of housing projects.


Anonymous said...

Where are the greens in NYC?

Oh I get it, telling us with a straight face that green roofs and bikes will solve the problems of a million people.

You know what?

With all their self absorbed liftstyles, looking for a partner, staying on top of popular culture, there is not enough time to think and form conclusions.

All you need to do is follow orders. It even absolves you of the responsibilty to think!

Anonymous said...

Look at the Green Party.

Rev Billy?

What a sad joke. Politics is too important for this.