Sunday, July 19, 2009

State fines Con Ed big time

From NY1:

The state public service commission fined Con Ed $5 million this week, after it ruled the utility failed to quickly restore power during a series of small outages last summer, including one in Queens.


CntrySigns said...

Whats the point in fining them? All they will do is raise our rates to make up for it. And worse they will cut jobs and services. They won't lose the money. The only way to really hurt them is to block rate hikes, and if they don't do the work they are contracted to do, get someone else to do it!

Taxpayer said...

CntrySigns is so right!

But, since Con Ed owns just the right number of politicians - including the Commissar - those politicians will protect Con Ed rather than its customers.

Anyway, both Con Ed and the politicians - including the Commissar - treat the screwing of paying customers as sport.

Anonymous said...

Reopen mothballed plants in Manhattan and bring the power generation capacity back on line. Let the city choke for a change. I actually had a manager who lived in Princeton, NJ and worked in Manhattan complain about my "annoying sneeze," Thanks bub, visit me in Astoria, home of 3 powerplants soon to be 5, generating the power that was lighting your office.

Anonymous said...

The 'green' mayor wants another million poeple, the 'green' party says nothing (likely financed by the 'green' mayor to divert interest from Tony A), and the 'green' groups of Tower People think riding bikes will help solve our energy problems.

F*n morons all.

Missing Foundation said...

The pols only want to make Con Ed another patronage machine.

If they were serious:

1. Zero population growth. There is no way we can take on another million people. Period.

2. Stop air conditioning the side walks in those sleazy Astoria cafes (and get rid of those stupid private tables blocking public sidewalks - or charge them a big fee to take over public space).

3. Stop illegal conversions. If a building is wired for 5 ot 6 people, and 18 to 20 live there, you are asking for trouble. Dah-ah!

But no, its NY. Where simple problems beg simple solutions.


Anonymous said...

Instead of fining Con Edison, the politicians should be fined. They are the ones that are perpetuating all this over-development. Years ago the only time the lights went out was when it was 95-100 degrees for a straight week. The lights went out because of overuse. Now the lights go out because a one-family house has been knocked down and is now a three-family house. Con Ed is trying to keep up with the overdevelopment. I love it when I see Eric Gioia crying and complaining about Con Ed. His wife works for the Parkside Group = one of the biggest developers in Queens. Don't complain about Con Ed, complain about all the greedy politicians. They all suck!

Anonymous said...

His wife works for the Parkside Group = one of the biggest developers in Queens.


True or not? You just gotta love Crappie!