Sunday, July 19, 2009

Senate Dems dish out the pork

From WCBS880:

New York senators have divvied up $85 million in pork-barrel spending, with a report showing most allocated by Democratic lawmakers now in the Senate majority.

The grants, directed by senators to social services groups and popular civic groups in their districts and approved by the Senate early Thursday, show Republicans sharing about $8 million.

The Democrats' nearly $77 million include almost $5.5 million given out by Sen. Malcolm Smith of Queens, acting Senate president.


Anonymous said...

The financial meltdown next year is being hidden by both Thompson and Bloomberg.

Remember all these raises that these people are voting for themselves and the poor job they are doing governing you.

Of course you will reelect them. So dont bitch when you get f*@#^d next year.

It will do you no good. The pols and the press will ignore you.

Anonymous said...

Where did the Crapster find such a good photo of Toby?

Toby S. said...

If I knew you were going to use that photo, I would have put on lipstick.