Sunday, July 5, 2009

Reservoir dog and pony show continues

From the Forum West:

According to the combined results of the two listening sessions, residents favor construction of a boardwalk as their top choice for all three basins. The only options among the top three priorities for any of the basins that involve development was at basin three, where a nature center was the second choice, followed by recreational opportunities.

However, some audience members took exception with the paper surveys, questioning where they were distributed and why they weren’t handed out to all meeting participants or sent to local community boards. Also, some questioned why the results of a 2007 survey on Ridgewood Reservoir were not taken into consideration. Of the 253 paper survey respondents, 11% ranked baseball or softball fields as the highest priority in terms of the new facilities they would like built at the reservoir site.

When asked why the 2007 survey was dismissed, Quinn said there were concerns that it was flawed or not thorough enough. “We spent a lot more time on this survey,” he said. Still, many in the room felt the prior results should also be taken into account. “To me, its mind boggling that you threw it out,” said Lou Widerka.

Ozone Park resident David Quintana also questioned the validity of the paper surveys, and accused Parks of using them to get the results they favored. “These surveys have no transparency at all,” he said.

Vincent Arcuri, chairman of Community Board 5, said that the city needs to “bite the bullet” and look at the conditions at the existing fields. “We have not paid proper attention to Highland Park in recent years,” he said. “You ask anyone what’s needed at Highland Park and they’ll tell you the same thing – those fields are garbage.” Instead of building fields in the reservoir basins, Arcuri said Parks has to “be realistic” and address the existing fields.


Anonymous said...

They could not control the process, so they threw out the tainted (read stuff they could not control) and substituted theirs.

Now all they need to do is find Quislings in the community supporting their position (always easy especially since all kiddies like ice cream).

The press will favor their position and interview that person. You will be given space. And nothing more.

The public will support the official line seeing how the press, community board, local civic?, politician and city agency supports it.

The rest will shrug and say 'you cannot beat city hall' and move on with their lives.

Oh boy, you have your work cut out for you.

Anonymous said...

As I was leaving, the Parks Department weenie who ran the meeting was overheard to remark to a colleague "This frigging meeting sucked"

Anonymous said...

There must be some kickbacks or something from new contstruction in the capital budget (notice for example, how there was no money to maintain or [God forbid] purchase the land for St Saviours, for example, but $uddenly million$ for rebuilding the church)

Maintenance is from a difference budget where its probibally tough to do 'funny' things.

Taxpayer said...

New construction and purchasing new material - concrete, asphalt, cancer-causing artificial turf - and all the "maintenance" equipment is big bucks, ripe for big kickbacks.

Regular maintenance is far less costly, any kickbacks are way too measly. Besides, maintenance really is performed by employees, so there are no kickbacks except for the standard employment and no-show kickbacks,

It's time for us to put an end to all this corruption. We can stop all the madness of this psychotic Commissar and his utterly stupid and corrupt lickspittle appointees at Parks: let's dump the freak on September 15.

Let's take back control of this city once and for all.

Not registered? Register now! Then vote this miserable imitation of Kim Jung Il of North Korea out forever. Let him take over that job, or Robert Mugabe's or Hugo Chavez' job.

georgetheatheist said...

The vast majority of meetings "suck".

Anonymous said...

Leave it alone!