Monday, July 20, 2009

More hobo woe in Williamsburg

From the Daily News:

The packs of heroin-using gutter punks who have swarmed into Williamsburg and panhandle on Bedford Ave. are bad for business, local shopkeepers charge.

One swanky eatery, the Atlas Cafe, had to drastically dim the lights in its bathrooms to deter junkies - low light makes it harder to shoot up.

Nearby, the owner of a busy deli near the Bedford Ave. L subway stop charged that squatters who clog the bustling strip are aggressive, shoplift and smell so bad they drive customers away.


Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you move in on the poor--they don't go anywhere. I have a friend who lives in Washington Heights in a building nicknamed, "White Island."

All the Hoity-Toity people who spent big bucks to move up there are stunned and amazed that the Dominicans haven't decamped for other parts yet.

A note to the rich: impoverished people often have deep roots in a neighborhood and good reasons not to move (including the fact that other neighborhoods don't want them.)

Anonymous said...

Urban "renewal" and people of color removal (for the benefit of incoming yuppies) isn't accomplished so easily.

And these spoiled children of mid westerners, etc. who have encamped in these rough territories ain't got much in the way of street smarts.

They're easy pickings!

Put that kind of info in your sales brochures you overly optimistic real estate agents.

Anonymous said...

Tell 'em to come to Queens, speak in a foreign tongue, lear at passing women, take over solid housing and covert it to a tear-down worthy flophouse, and squat on the sidewalk leaving plates of half eaten rice and beans.

The police will ignore 'em, the tweeding pols will want to open centers for 'em, the weeklies will do indepth studies (ignoring overdevelopment and quality of life issues) of 'em. and the locals will not want to say anything negative...

Anonymous said...

They'll be gone soon. A couple of fast ball doses and they'll send themselves to the big sleep for good.

Evil Condo Dweller said...

Anonymous said...
That's what happens when you move in on the poor--they don't go anywhere.

These are not the "local poor" - they are junkie hipster losers from other states that stayed here after they graduated with their useless NYU degrees.

Big difference between gentrification and whats going on in Williamsburg. These are NOT locals.

How do you "move in on the poor" by the way? Seems to me that if you move into a culturally different and massively impoverished area then you are probably poor yourself, correct? Classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Tell your friend to get a better job and move to a decent neighborhood instead of expecting the existing population to be scared off by a Starbucks and one building full of white people.

Your poor friend moved there because to other white people consider him/her trash. The quicker he/she realizes that the better. And don't think the "poor Dominicans" can tell white trash when they see it either- it's universally recognized.

GimmeBreak said...

What do the unfinished condos have to do with this story? Heroin shooting stinking fanantic hobos took freight trains from the mid-west to poop and beg in front of the new condos, while driving blacks away? Huh? I think the News tried to tie together unsuccessfully) too many Billy-B issues in this story.

Anonymous said...

The hobos that are in Williamsburg aren't relics of the neighborhood's seedier past. They've descended upon the place from all over the country and are essentially heroine-addicted hipsters who lack access to their parents' bank accounts to pay for their habit. Only white derelicts would have such a sense of entitlement.

Anonymous said...

I debate the idea of a horse addict being poor, except in that they have spent everything on horse

Want not to be so poor? Stop spending money on drugs - maybe you'll have some more cash, and be able to hold down a job

(Goes for Coke, and any other drug - sorry if you're broke because you spend money on this stuff, but decisions of consequences - and you made a REAL bad one - one people have been warning you against for decades)

Evil Condo Dweller said...


Why are you censoring comments you mutt? And how the hell did you become so bitter and ignorant at such a young age?

You need a girlfriend man.

Queens Crapper said...

Evil Condo Dweller:

I was at City Hall all day and not in front of my computer waiting with baited breath for your dumb comments to trickle in. Sorry for the delay in moderation. You can unbunch your panties now.

Anonymous said...

My "poor friend" in Washington Heights is actually 3rd generation and her family pre-dates both the new white snobs and the Dominicans.

She is a crippled lady on disability with a good education so everyone hates her.

Anonymous said...

These losers are from the Lower East Side, and probably California. They have been pushed out of parts Manhattan that they have been panhandling in for many years by the bloomberg squad. Their still on St.Marks often.

These gutter kids have been doing this in LES and the East Village for over 20 years, but now their an eyesore with the condo craze over in those areas.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to see one, im going to point and laugh.

Anonymous said...

NIMBY!!!!!!! MEBS!!MEBS!!!