Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More from the Passerelle

I wonder how Dave feels to have this eyesore named after him. Although considering the way NYC was during his reign, it's kind of appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Hah! Where is this Dinkins Circle-- Harlem, and why is it so important to have the dedication date on the sign? What nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Lots of opportunities to spend that "stimulus money" fixing up things instead of just doling it out in extended unemployment benefits.

I wonder if we can train a small number of people in the basic building trades by letting them fix what is rotting in this city?

This would be a more appropriate way to show respect for our city, state, and federal leaders than by foolishly renaming bridges.

We are still enjoying the roads, bridges, swimming pools and other improvements built during the Depression with government funds.

When this financial fiasco is over, let's have something to show for it besides out of control inflation and idled workers with rusty, outdated or inadequate skills.

Anonymous said...

That is at the bottom of the passerelle.Nice place at night, with about 40%of the lights not functioning.I thought this was part of the "Flagship" queens park!?

Anonymous said...

Dinkins comes full circle appropriate with his gang in the heady days full circle means his buddy basil Paterson father of the defaulted Governor is rewarded with the ultimate next generation of the ultimate mediocre politican who learn at the knee of crooked Charlie "apartments" Rangle and former Manhattan embexzzeler Percy Sutton. Now to look to the President to send your money their way - now boys

wheelmaker said...

I wondered if people were digging the metal up and selling it for scrap. The mosaics were repaired, now let's hope they'll repair this!