Thursday, July 2, 2009

Leaning 2nd Avenue building evacuated

From NY1:

An apartment building located near the construction of the Second Avenue subway was evacuated Tuesday.

The Department of Buildings says inspectors and engineers have determined the building at 1768 and 1766 Second Avenue is leaning 18 inches.

The DOB says inspectors issued violations to the building owner in 2006 regarding the leaning, but the owner never made the repairs.

The building was vacated as a precaution.

The DOB is working with the MTA to monitor the situation. Both say the leaning is not due to the construction of the subway and that it existed before the Second Avenue project began.

Glad to see the DOB followed up on this - 3 years later.


Building on Your Head Party said...

We applaud this excellent addition to our city's list of tourist attractions--why should Pisa have the only Leaning Tower?

Ucan Saythatagain said...

Darn! You took the words right out of my mouth!