Saturday, July 18, 2009

A huge waste of water

From the Times Ledger:

Residents of 248th Street in Bellerose are complaining that it took the city Department of Environmental Protection one week to shut off a water hose that had been turned on on the block.

Georgianna Spitareli said the agency ran a hose from a fire hydrant on 248th Street to a catch basin near her home.

Spitareli said the hose had been spraying water into the air until a fire truck placed it into a sewer main.

Spitareli said the DEP was changing manhole covers in the area and the hose damaged a valve that cuts off water coming into her home.

The 248th Street resident said she was angered the city was wasting the water and noted there were three 311 complaints filed.

“We get water bills telling you to preserve your water and the city is wasting this water for a whole week,” she said. “It’s a whole week that this water is being dumped into the sewer. Thousands of gallons of water are being wasted uselessly.”

There's also a hydrant in Williamsburg that's been leaking for 2 months.


KG2V said...

3 weeks ago, the Ashokan was going over the top, so they probably aren't too worred (it's at 99% right now)

Pretty to watch it when the spillway is going over - Go watch it on Tr 28A, then follow Stone Church Road/Beaverkill Rd down to it's bridge crossing over the outflow - better than the actual spillway

KG2V said...

BTW, a full open 1/2 water hose (which I highly doubt it was full open) will run at about 87000 gallons/day - or about 11600 cubic feet

NYC charges $2.31/100 Cubic Feet - so that's about $230 of water/day down the drain - IF and I do mean IF the hose was wide open

BTW, NYC used 1.09 BILLION gallons of water on July 16th alone (we use roughly a billion gallons a day) That's 145,711,806 cubic feet

At $2.31/100 Cubic feet, NYC should be billing $3,365,942.58/day for water