Monday, July 20, 2009

Destruction of Flushing Meadow mosaics continues

March 2007:

July 2009:

Here's a new one for good measure:
I've been to quite a few public parks in quite a few municipalities. This is only allowed to happen in NYC.


Anonymous said...

Time for some of that "stimulus money" to be put to work having those mosaics properly repaired. For the cost of sending lay-abouts their checks, people could be trained and dispatched to make those repairs and given a life-skill that someone might pay for later.

Anonymous said...

At this point maybe the mosaic should be cut up and reassembled indoors.

Inside the Queens Museum maybe?

It would sure beat the mediocre art-stuffs they feature.

Anonymous said...

Flushing Meadow looked bad in 1972 and its gotten worse every year. The City long ago decided to spend zero to preserve any of the Fair relics. At this point, let the thing go back to swamp and wetland.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they would look better if all the World Fair buffs wouldn't steal everything that isn't tide down.