Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bloomberg gets emotional


An emotional Mayor Bloomberg got choked up today he spoke to a group of newly minted U.S. citizens at a naturalization ceremony on the Upper West Side.

Bloomberg, who delivered the keynote address after about 150 people took the oath of allegiance at the New York Historical Society, got to the end of his speech when the words caught in his throat as he said "Today you are Americans."

Hizzoner paused for a moment and finished with "God Bless."

Why is this an AP story? And oh yeah, give me a freakin' break!


-Joe said...

150 peopel with relitives

--It was due to all the hot air and assorted "scents" in the room.

Ceremonia de Ciudadania ah la United States Bootdello !

Anonymous said...

Crocodile tears or just a crock. You decide!

Anonymous said...

3rd World Civics Lesson

by Cadillo Blumberg

1. Welcome to America.

2. Welcome to exercise your right to vote.

3. Welcome to me doing anything I want with your vote.

Snake Plissskin said...

Hey immigrants:

Meet the new boss!
Same as the old boss!

Where in the F@##&*% is the media?

Maybe one of you can ask him about making people citizens as he denies their rights.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to 'Amerika'

is more like it...

Wade Nichols said...

Bloomberg, who delivered the keynote address after about 150 people took the oath of allegiance at the New York Historical Society, got to the end of his speech when the words caught in his throat as he said "Today you are Americans."

As usual, AP left out what Bloomberg originally said:
"Today, you are officially Tweeded..............I mean......Americans."

ew-3 said...

The tears were not emotional.

They were caused by pain.

The brick finally came out; and it was sideways.

Anonymous said...

This guy will do anything for votes

italian girl said...

Is anyone actually falling for this?

Anonymous said...

he's also very emotional about his illegals....oh,they're stayin"--

Anonymous said...

Here are other occasions when he cried.

Missing Foundation said...

Is anyone actually falling for this?
you betcha. this will be on spanish tv tonite. remember the electorate:

1. clueless seniors that are use to the government doing everything for them.

2. clueness immigrants that have no idea on what it means to be an American citizen (except they can make mooney)

3. clueless spineless kids that know how to follow orders and do what they are told (as long as it does not interfer with their WIFI)

Blum-turtle-face said...

I get choked up when I see what he and his friends the developers are doing to my community.

Anonymous said...

This is only a photo op for this blooming asshole of a mayor. And those who became citizens today, well I hope they are'nt stupid enough to vote for this swine.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he felt a twinge of remorse for the way he treats foreign born by shoving them out of his borough and into the tweeded, overdeveloped outer boroughs that he created. Maybe he really does feel bad about crowding all these new americans into our overcrowded schools in brooklyn and queens. Maybe he shed a tear because he might not win his mayoral re-election.

Anonymous said...

Another one of his PR stunts but this time with an added pinch of pandering to try and make hizzoner come off as a warm and fuzzy individual.

Your recipe still ain't cooking up right Mike! The souffle continues to fall flat.

Just look at his cold tired codfish eyes.

He's vainly trying to cover up his nasty nature with that perpetual phony smile of his.

It's kind of like slathering a thick coat of icing on a cake to hide its lousy taste.

The citizens of NYC have got your number and we're going to put you out of business at the polls!

PizzaBagel said...

And the Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day. Hand me another box of Kleenex. Wah!

linda said...

lmao, he's crying because he's hoping now the city will earn legal taxes out of their pay checks. 150 wow! now just think of how many that live here in queens that didn't get legalized.

who really cares and yes it's all an act....

-Joe said...

Yep, Tears of pain.

After brick came out sideways it bounced out of the Sombrero (3 inches) and hit him in the balls

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I get choked up when I see the damage Doucheberg did to this city

Anonymous said...

Watched the WFP debate and the best of all answers from Bloomberg was if your landlord is trying to evict you "CALL 311". Also said it wouldn't happen if people saved their money. Beat the answer he gave me when I testified regarding landlord fraud (raising rents illegally) was to tell tenants to call Ccnsumers. Told him what we would need was the Attorney General's entire staff.

Perhaps if I lived in Never, Never Land I would have become a Billionaire too.

italian girl said...

Crappy, I'm sure you'll be using this hysterical picture with other posts. I look forward to some laughs.

Art-Fool Dodd-ger said...

Did a reporter ask him why there are less people of color and immigrants by the day in Manhattan?

Or is it like Queens feminists saying nothing abouit Monster-rat, as Wade pointed out?

They have a selective memory?