Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vacant and unguarded crap

Back in Jackson Heights again "outside the district line" and just north of the 7 train at 37-50 92nd Street.
Looks like another one of those wacky alterations.

And...there's a partial stop work order. Looks like someone ran out of money. Note how the permits are posted where you can't read them.


Anonymous said...

That building to the left is an extraordinary example of tackiness.

Where do people in Queens get these tastes?

How can we be taken seriously if our borough is covered with this?

Sort of explains why the preservation community based in Manhattan wants as little to do with us a possible.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is a Pratt study to address this problem.

Naw, the only problems they address are difficulties facing developers.

Anonymous said...

If there is a partial stop work order, what makes you think the developer ran out of money? Should they finish the building despite the SWO?

Queens Crapper said...

Because the SWO was issued for a defective fence which is easy to correct.