Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sanctuary city residents hard to count

From AM-NY:

For all the New Yorkers at risk of not being counted in the 2010 census, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is creating a local agency to help find and include them.

Among the tasks of the NYC 2010 Census Office will be to help the U.S. Census Bureau identify populations in the city that have been hard to count in the past.

Those include immigrants, communities of color, low-income households and single New Yorkers, Bloomberg said at a news conference Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I'm tempted by the taunting title, but too trivial.

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why taxes/fees/fares are rising.............someone has to pay......and it isn't THEM!

Anonymous said...

hello bloomass maybe they don't want to be counted??? just throwing it out to you.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter whether they want to be found or not. The census is not just about political representation.

It is part of the Department of Commerce and the information collected is of great value to American business.

Anonymous said...

Where is the problem:

1. they dont complain

2. the are the tweeded (far better than middle class pain in the ass)

3. they dont complain

4. they vote the right way

5. they dont complain

6. they work as nannies in historic disctricts and landlords and business owners in those areas hire them or shoehorn them and they make lots of money in the process

7. they dont complain

etc etc etc

Anonymous said...

Come 2010 Obongi and his Rockefeller group are gonna give em all amnisty pluse let them re-unite and bring in whole familys.

The entire Bloomie plan will play to the tune of making Queens a slum sanction of minimum wage humpers.

If you have property or $$ start thinking about getting away from the city or Nassau County

Once all these people have 100% rights and boldly come out of the woodwork its over.

I have a house in Ridgewood I rent 2 2nd generation American Polish familys. The schools are so crowded and bad they are now moving to Huntington.
I now have to sell th house and take a huge loss.

I will not rent to tweeds nor be told by the city or Obongi socialists what to do!
..Im so pissed, I knew I should have sold it 2 years ago !