Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Republican Club still under renovation

Work at the Richmond Hill Republican Club continues and Lost in the Ozone has photos. When will it start looking better?


Anonymous said...

The Queens Republican party could use some renovation...eh Mr. Ragusa?

Lino said...

Well the Rep's clubhouse on east 83rd a few blocks from me is looking a little dusty and lonely these days, even the bronze plaque seems missing.

Signs of extinction?

Gives one hope.


For too long this part of Queens has been allowed to physically and visually deteriorate. The work on the former GOP h/q in Richmond Hill is a step in the right direction, but it would be nice to also have the Triangle Hofbrau and RKO theatre back.

KJAM said...

I agree Woody, I have been waiting for someone to take that theatre back for a long time now. The "flea market" doesn't do i for me.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Richmond Hill is an area that's been (covertly) red-lined by NYC.

Nothing worthwhile is going to come back there.

They often refer to these sort of spots as a "neighborhood in transition".

Too bad....a once beautiful and thriving community!

Anonymous said...

One of the few areas you can afford to buy a coop in too--and a hell of a lot better-looking than Long Island City.