Friday, April 3, 2009

Northern Queens shoreline a victim of politics

From the Times Ledger:

A commission created to protect the northeast Queens shoreline, including Udalls Cove, Fort Totten and Alley Pond, was eliminated in state budget negotiations between state leaders, state Sen. Frank Padavan (R−Bellerose) said Tuesday.

While Padavan said he was not given justification for the dismantling of the Northeast Queens Nature and Historical Preservation Commission, City Councilman Tony Avella (D−Bayside) said he believed the move was politically motivated.

Padavan was in a prolonged and contentious battle to retain his seat in November against Councilman James Gennaro (D−Fresh Meadows), who lost the race by 480 votes in what became the longest contested election in the state’s history.

“I’m not surprised that the funding had been eliminated since the funding came from Sen. Padavan,” Avella said.


Anonymous said...

Wait till the houses are floating in the water. We have been wrecking the wetlands of Queens for many years. Inattention to this problem will pay off in spades as the increased hurricanes that many meteorologists are predicting for the future come through.

Kevin Walsh said...

How dare Padavan vigorously defend his seat...

Anonymous said...

Didn't Gennarro run under the "Green" Banner?

Anonymous said...

NE Queens screwed by Albany?

"Oh the humanity ... "

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe Onorato will run there too.

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt Crappy help expose the truth.

1)Crappy, can you get into the Fort Totten Officers Club ? No, you cant. Because its closed to the public. Only the fat asses from the Bayside Hysterical Society and Padavans Republican cronies have access, where they hang out and have drinks.

2)Why did Padavan make the state spend $3.5 MILLION to upgrade the Officers Club ? "To preserve bayside treasures" ? No, so they could have a clubroom to hang out in.

3) No one in this neighborghood cares about the freakin Fort Totten Officers Club. If Pinkie would have spent ten million to redo Maspeth Town Hall and it was closed to the public, Crappy would be all over it. C'mon man, help us out here. Expose the truth. You may rough around the edges, but you call them as you see them.

4) What exactly did this Northeast Queens group do, other then have the Republican State Committee member and District Leader on the payroll ? And hang out in the $3.5 million Officers Club because thats where their office was. What did they do ? Nothing ! Thats right, the jobs only went to Padavans cronies who carry his petitions and give him contributions. That is a FACT !!!

Queens Crapper said...

How is this unlike any other historical building? Usually either someone lives in it or a group runs it. Either way, few are open to the public.

Anonymous said...

You may rough around the edges, but you call them as you see them.

Well, thank you eastern Queens, home of the clubhouse bigwigs - safely hidden on your tidy tiny plots from the overdevelopment you channel on the 'transportation corridors'.

If there was a new thought in that part of the boro in the last fifty years Queens would be dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you eastern Queens




Anonymous said...

Few historic buildings are open to the public except by guided tours when they are historic and are being preserved.

They SHOULD be open to the public when they hold dinner dances in the Officers Club or fundraisers for the incumbent Senator. And when the District leader and State Committeewoman go to work there, living off the public tit for twenty years doing nothing all day. Did you know that the Republican club meets there ?

Cmon Crappy.

Anonymous said...


Now let those spoiled northeasterners
take their place in the same boat as
us westerners!

Move into Dutch Kills and get a good taste of real life!

Anonymous said...

Just take a walk into the Fort Totten museum at the entrance to the old tunnels.

You can usually find 3 "parkies"....
idiots from the NYC Pars Dept. with their thumbs up their asses.

"Oh the old battery (fort) is closed today", one of them told me recently!

One Parks Dept. employee would suffice but Parks must have decided that 3 were necessary.

Anonymous said...

Gennarro did....under the green developers' money banner!

Anonymous said...

We need Crappy to start exposing the crap that has been going on for years in Eastern Queens.

You think Serf Maltese was bad ? Wait till you see whats crawling under the Padavan rock. $3.5 million to "rebuild" the officers club ? So Geraldine Spinella, Joan Vogt and a bunch of Bloomberg ass kissing Republican hacks can sit around selling out to foreign real estate developers ?

How exactly did so many bad things happen in Eastern Queens if saint Frank was the tough guy he is supposed to be ?

The spa (whorehouse) at College Point ? In Frank Padavans district. St. Johns overdevelopment ? In Frank Padavans district. Dumping in Alley Pond and Bayside marinas ? Frank padavans district.

MCMANSIONS !!!!!!!!! Frank Padavans district.

Maybe Frank and those fat asses at the Fort Totten Office Club should get off their asses and do some work. I am happy the whole lot got thrown out.

Anonymous said...

Frank Padavan has been in the pocket of the real estate developers for years.

Every campaign, including this one, everyone saw every single real estate office on Northern Boulevard having huge, huge, huge re-elect Frank Padavan banners on the roofs of their buidling.

Mr. Kevin Walsh, I dont know you personally, but if you live in the neighborhood (and your website says you do), you must have seen the five real estate dealers (they certainly are dealers) with the Padavan signs. On Douglaston Parkway, on Bell, on Francis Lewis, on Little Neck Pkwy.

ON THE FREAKIN ROOFS of real estate brokers. I mean cmon. You dont buy the Padavan bullshit do you ?

How do you explain that ? Real estate dealers support Padavan because he opposes McMansions ? What ? Real estate dealers support Padavan because he opposes overdevelopment ?

Anonymous said...

Exactly what "oversight" did Geraldine Spinella and Joan Vogt do ?

Waddle over to the pond and feed themselves ?

$3.5 million in capital expenses !!!

$1.5 million dollars in salaries to drive five blocks from their house over to the Fort Totten Officers clubhouse and make fundraising calls for Frank Padavan ?

Does anyone really know what goes on over there ?

Good riddance ! Thanks Crappy for covering this scandal.

Anonymous said...

McGlauglin, Padavan, Semenerio, Gallagher. Put em all in the same cell and throw away the key.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love Queens Crap.

Anonymous said...

Now let all those snooty formerly comfortable
not for profit groups out Bayside way that have been on Frank's pad for years cue up with the rest of us underdogs and beg for handouts that are never earmarked for such lowly places as Astoria, Maspeth or LIC!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I can just see that phony Frank Padavan making speeches announcing these cuts to this bogus group. He will put on that low serious voice and act studious and serious and talk about how 30 years of work is going to be destroyed.

Of course, he wont tell the voters that he has been funding this and other make believe groups at Fort Totten Officers Club for years (OVER $20 MILLION TAXPAYERS HAS BEEN WASTED.)

And that the people who work there are the Republican District leaders, State Committeewoman and everyone gets calls for fundraisers from the "club" and they are told to come pick up their petitions at the "club."

Anonymous said...

Frank Padavan single handily destroyed Bayside and Whitestone because of his support of the real estate moguls building McMansions.

Tony Avella has been fighting them.

What did Padavan do ?

Who was in power over the last twenty years that this McMansion expansion happened ? Who has the support of the real estate brokers in every one of his elections ? Who installed as president of the Bayside Hysterical Society a real estate developer who builds McMansions ? Who installed as head of Fort Totten a real estate agent ?

I will tell you who. That prick Padavan.

He has been pulling the wool over our eyes long enough.

Look at his make believe military record. PADAVAN HAS NEVER SERVED ACTIVE DUTY. Let alone in combat. In fact, he didnt "join" the Army until he was 45 years old. He then "joined" the Army Corps of Engineers, was "stationed" at Fort Totten in Bayside while he was a Senator, and used to go there on weekends and have drinks and rip off taxpayers. All while getting credits for his pension.

The guy didnt volunteer to serve when he was 18 - 30. Or maybe he is a freakin dodger. But how dare he parade around in a uniform on Memorial Day like he put his life on the line.

Freakin phony. And I am going to the Douglaston Little Neck parade this year and chase that guy down the street with a broom.

Anonymous said...


Look at page 42 of the Queens Courier this week.

What is that turd Padavan doing in the photo ?

Yes !!! Cutting the ribbon on another real estate dealer in our neighborhood that just opened an office to turn our neighborhood into McMansions.

What do you think Kevin ? You ready to call this guy what he is.

Anonymous said...

I just looked at it. Oh man.

1) Padavan sure looks old. Just like Serf before Crappy took his ass out.

2) He still has that evil look in his eyes.

Anonymous said...

I am certain most of these Anonymous comments were written by either Jim Gennaro or the Parkside group. If there was one individual in bed with developers it was JIM. Check out who funded his Senate campaign before you believe this garbage. Where do you think his $600,000+ came from? DEVELOPERS! The delay in seating Padavan exacerbated the NE Queens problems…It is a smaller pie and we got to table late.

Kevin Walsh said...

Hey, all I know is, when I write Padavan's office, he gives me a considered answer.

The other guys don't. That means you Johnny.

Anonymous said...


Frank Padavan seems to have convinced you that he is doing you a favor by answering your letters. You pay his salary as well as the salaries of his bloated staff. You think its a big deal that he answers your letters ? Isnt that his job ?

And in case you never asked Kevin, Frank has been making a $29,000 annual lulu for the last seven years as Speaker Pro Tempore. A completely meaningless title that comes with a massive tax funded lulu.

Did you know that ?

All he had to do for the extra $29,000 tax paper money was to consistently vote against New York City interests and FOR the interests of the real estate developers that funded the Republican Senate.

Kevin, you are an educated guy obviously. You know the truth of what I am saying. $29,000 a year for a leadership lulu. From the hands of Joe Bruno. Bruno on his own decided to give that to Padavan.

Do you think Joe Bruno handed Padavan $29,000 annually on top of his salary so he could fight for your beloved forgotten New York ?

Or do you think the Republican Senate opposed overdevelopment ? I am not even a partisan Democrat. This is just reality. Democrats fight for liberal social justice causes and republicans fight more for business interests. There is nothing wrong with being either a Dem or a Republican.

But you think Frank, as a Republican in the leadership of the Republican Senate, who as of this day, in the papers this week, attacks the "bloated budget" yet took a $29,000 lulu for years, is doing you a favor by answering your letters ?

Anonymous said...

when the voters decide that getting a few scraps from government (like them ansering your letters) is enough to reelect someone, is when these slimy politicians know they have us fooled. padavan must laugh every time he sees this guy.

Anonymous said...

Padavan's opponent in the race was Jim "Also Takes Big Money From Developers" "Let's count all the votes, even if they aren't registered" Gennaro.

Frank was and still is the better pick of that litter.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with Gennaro. This is about Frank Padavan.

1) Even though he writes nice letters to his constituents, he votes against them in Albany. Anti NYC funding, anti woman, pro developemnt. Its a fact.

2) Its common sense AND a fact that he votes against us in Albany. Why would indicted Joe Bruno have been giving him an annual lulu of $29,0000 ? To vote against him ? Do you really think Joe Bruno's agenda supports the "forgotten New York" ?

3) Frank Padavans entire career is built on phony facts. Look at him carefully and you will be blown away. One of the most glaring is his supposed military record. Frank Padavan has never served active duty. He joined a volunteer unit of the Army that builds dams when he was 45. He was "stationed" at Fort Totten in Bayside. I mean cmon, the whole fuckin thing is a joke. When he could have joined at the ages of 18 to 35, he was getting his Masters degree in Engineering. Look at the facts. The guy is a draft dodger but he walks arounds on Memorial Day with a uniform like it is a chicken costume. He tells actual veterans in that deep voice "and for those of us who have served our country ..." They THINK he is a veteran. He is not.

4) He hasnt done a single thing in 40 years. Look at the Northeast Queens Preservation Commission. If this group does such important work (which is a complete farce) why didnt it ever employ professional preservationists or environmental experts on staff. Why did it only employ Republican District Leaders and State Committee members for the last 35 years ?

Queens Crapper said...

If you were ever in the military, you are a veteran. I don't recall him going around claiming to have been in battle.

Anti-woman? Please save that shit for Monserrate.

And this has nothing to do with Padavan's record with women and veterans. This has to do with this group being de-funded.

Avella seems to think the commission was actually preserving the shoreline and I don't know Tony to just say crap like that to be nice to other pols.

The report stated that seven out of nine commission members were appointed by the governor and were volunteers who did not receive a salary. The other two were full−time and part−time employees. It's been active under governors from both parties.

I don't get your beef.

Anonymous said...

Crappy, your answers:

1) Why would a 45 year old man join the Army Corps of Engineers but not join when he was 18 or 25 or 30 or 35 when the country was actually at war or the possibility of war ? If he is a politician who marches in every Memorial Day Parade its pretty obvious. Padavan did it to get political points.

2) Does the parking lot attendant who works at Fort Totten, and is an employee of the Army, get to call himself a veteran ? Well, how does a 45 year old man, who is a powerful politican, who joins a volunteer engineering corp, who knows he is untouchable and wouldnt even be send to Katrina without his permission, get to call himself a veteran ? Outrageous.

3) Bernard Haber served in a similiar volunteer division and I assume thats where Padavan got the idea from. The difference is Haber, also an engineer, served actual active duty as a young man and anyone who does that is a hero, whether or not they shot a gun, even if they are stationed in North Carolina, they COULD be called to duty.

4) Padavan IS anti woman. His voting record is that of a throw back. He voted against the woman Wellness and Fitness Act which guarnateed women would get mammograms. No abortion in the bill, no clinic stuff, pure health related. Cmon, Crappy, now you are gonna tell me you support less screenings for your mother, or your wife or your daughter for breast cancer. Of course not. Padavan DID.

5)The connection between all of this and the group being defunded is that the group was bullshit, as is Padavans and his record. It just takes scrathing at the surface to see it. Why did the group employ as its Executive Director the person in charge of Padavans petitions ? Why not a preservationist ? For thirty years they could not find a preservationist to employ ! Only Geraldine Spinella and Joan Vogt could preserve the wetlands ? Come on Crappy.

6) Tony is playing a bit of politics cause he does not want Padavan to lose his seat, unless he loses it to Tony. Also, this group is very influential in Tonys district. The Bayside Historical Society, the folks at Fort Totten, make no mistake, they are active.

7) The Governor appointed whoever Frank recomended. Most importantly, and look this up Crappy so you can get a sense of the wackiness, the membership has not fundamentally changed in 35 years. Its the same seven people. And the funding is supported by the Senate, not the Govevnor. Its a well known Padavan group so no one has cared about it. Until now.

Queens Crapper said...

And...if the election were held tomorrow, the opponent was Gennaro and I lived in this district, I would vote Padavan. Thank you for participating.

Anonymous said...

OK. Keep up the good work Crappy. And take a closer look at Padavan.

Anonymous said...

You do not only get a response to your inquiry when you write to Padavan but the issue at hand is resolved or in the process. Has anyone ever approached Gennaro's office with a concern? You won't even an acknowledgement. He is game for photo ops if he considers you "important" that's about it.

Anonymous said...

Gennaro or Parkside (or both)...
keep on feebly slinging your bogus BS.

Frank keeps on getting re-elected because he delivers for his constituents not for the developers like your proven track record indicates.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Padavan ? At this point, being in the minority and getting all his funding and staff eliminated, he is an absolute nobody.

And you could see it in his face. He aged 100 years over the last few months.

The Democrats are going to smack him around for sport as long as he lasts, which wont be long.

Those That Served said...

For the record Colonel Frank Padavan at age 18 volunteered to join the ROTC program at Polytechnic University. He was commissioned as a second Lieutenant in the Army Corp of Engineers upon graduation. After his service on active duty he joined the Army Reserves with periods of Active Duty with NATO in Europe, during the "Cold War." He had many assignments during his distinguished 30 year career including: Deputy Commander and Commanding the 411th Engineer Brigade and Chief of Staff of the 77th US ARCON headquartered at Fort Totten.

Anonymous said...

So Padavan was in the ROTC but again never actually joined the Army to serve. Then he was in the Army Reserves, once again never actually joining the Army. Did you say he was in Europe with NATO ? What ? Frank was stationed in Europe ? Really ? Where and when ? Unless of course Fort Totten is in Europe, not Queens.

Kinda jumbled your words there Vinnie.

Frank, Frank watcha gonna do.

Watcha gonna do when they come for you.

Bad boy, bad boy, Watcha gone do ?

Watcha gonna do when we come for you.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, the Army Reserves was part of the U.S. Army.

Anonymous said...

The truth comes out at this years Memorial Day Parade. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

And what exactly did all of you armchair warrior/critics do to serve
your country?

Self service can't be counted as a military record Evan!