Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monument Park: Then & Now

The old Monument Park had trees and shade and was an inviting place.

By comparison, the new Monument Park looks rather depressing.

Top photo by Wally G on Flickr


Anonymous said...

A more suitable name for this display of Yankee greats is Monument Grotto or Monument Cave. It tempts you to look around to see if anyone is chained to the walls.
Steinbrenner's only concern was to get his new stadium. Monument Park is for the fans, otherwise he would've left it where it was and let it get carted away with the rubble from a stadium he had no business tampering with.

Anonymous said...

speaking of business...
of course he had business "tampering" with the stadium.
it was his. he OWNS/ owned it.
it's like if a landlord buys a property and the buildings on it... he can do whatever he wants to that property... even demolish the building (if he gets all necessary approval) and rebuild the same one on another property with adjustments (assuming he gets all necessary permits and approval)
steinbrenner got all the permits. none of this was illegal. good for him.
it absolutely was his business.