Monday, April 6, 2009

Gary helps woman see dying son

From NY1:

It was an emotional reunion between Walter Vergara and his mother, Elizabeth Prado Ocejo, at Elmhurst Hospital Saturday.

Vergara is battling terminal bone cancer and was diagnosed with AIDS in 1995. His mother, who lives in Peru, was twice denied a visa due to confusion over an overstayed visit several years ago.

Congressman Gary Ackerman later stepped in and contacted the U.S. embassy in Peru. Prado Ocejo was granted a visa within days.


Edward B (Woody) Ryder said...

This was Ackerman being Ackerman; that is, being a mensch. However, it is pitiful that the U.S. Government is so overly bureaucratic that but for the intercession of a United States Congressman, a mother may not have had the chance to say her ultimate good-byes to her child.

Anonymous said...

A good deed by a good man. At her age even if she skipped the plane back she wouldn't be with us long.

Anonymous said...

At her age even if she skipped the plane back she wouldn't be with us long.

...umm I think the rest of the family came too.

The son had AIDS ...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations USA and NYC. We just adopted this guy's entire family, and will now clothe, feed shelter, employ and educate them. Heartwarming end to this heartwarming story. But don't forget to pay your taxes boys and girls!

Taxpayer said...

Just another individual lawbreaker out of more than 20,000,000.

What a trifle. Multiply her chain of family (averaging 200 or more) by the other 20,000,000, and we have: oh, my! just 4 BILLION beggars arriving here.

Will Ackerman the Compassionate finance all of them from his own funds?

No! He WILL DEMAND that you do that.

How precious. How compassionate!


Wow, cop, district attorney, judge and jury. Must be nice for 'taxpayer' to conclude that somebody who is dying is a "lawbreaker" and part of a network of "beggars." I hope when s/he is due to pass over, there is somebody out there to pass such stern, fact devoid judgment upon 'taxpayer.'