Saturday, April 18, 2009

Garbage trains more expensive


Garbage costs are piling up.

Moving trash from a Brooklyn transfer station to other states via rail instead of traditional garbage trucks costs $134 per ton -- up from $85 per ton last year, according to the city's Independent Budget Office.

So the city should consider more recycling, says IBO Chief of Staff Doug Turetsky.

"While it has cost more to collect and dispose of a ton of recyclables than a ton of trash, the difference is narrowing as the cost of exporting garbage to landfills and incinerators outside the city rises," Turetsky said.


Anonymous said...

Ech! Why don't they cover that crap up so that it doesn't get blown off the train? Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good place for Dennis Pinky Gallagher.

Mr. Angry said...

The garbage in that car is construction debris. The 'MSW" variety of trash, which is your basic household trash, is put in locked containers.

Waste Management must be charging the city more to remove this stuff, and they basically have a monopoly on it at the moment.

I'd like to see the IBO factor in how many car accidents are averted by hauling that crap via rail instead of dozens of trucks, as well as the cost of gas for all those trucks, the wear and tear on our roads & bridges, etc. I think at the end of the day the numbers probably even out, and would be better if WM has some competition on hauling this stuff.

Anonymous said...

The whole purpose of transporting by rail is to take truck trips off Brooklyn streets. But unfortunately it means more garbage dragged by train through western Queens. And it stinks to high heaven in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Construction debris. Hmmm........ An asbestos cloud anyone? All garbage should be covered if transported in an open vehicle!!! DUH!