Friday, April 17, 2009

Frozen Cup 1950-2009

From the Times Ledger:

Before the dust from the demolition of a Bellerose icon settled, civic leaders complained that the developers of a controversial proposed hotel at the former Frozen Cup site are not living up to their promise of being good neighbors.

As the Bellerose ice cream shop was being demolished last Thursday, workers for the developers tore out bushes from a home adjacent to the site.

“They just cut them all on my driveway,” said 249th Street homeowner Diana Weiss, who claimed one of the workers “was very abrupt and he just said he was cutting them down because it was on his property.”

The demolition was staged as the investors had yet to receive approval from the city Department of Buildings to construct the hotel.

The agency disapproved plans on Jan. 14 because they exceeded floor−area ratio requirements and there were problems involving compliance with the energy code, according to a city Department of Buildings spokeswoman.


Anonymous said...

How come the "diner king" Michael Perlman dropped the ball on this one?

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Let's snipe at someone who's had a little success instead of doing something useful!! That's how we'll save Queens!

Anonymous said...

How useful were the efforts to save the "Moondance Diner"?

It was moved out west for New Yorkers NEVER TO SEE AGAIN!

We're not "sniping" here merely pointing out the truth!

Believing in the "success" stories of this type of "preservationist" are as dangerous as someone with a serious illness consulting with faith healers instead of qualified
professional medical experts.

Uh...lot of saving was accomplished at the Trylon Theater also!

What's left of it?

Anonymous said...


We'll save Queens with serious effort not just on line petition campaigns,
surveys and a desire for headline grabbing!

Anonymous said...


They are the tweeded and you are Archie Bunkers.

Your taxes are already earmarked as being more effective helping THEM than YOU.

Thats right. You are subsidizing those people and the vitality is being drained from your community.

Anonymous said...

What will replace it Paki noodles or more CAD cheap Euro Fucco sprayed barracks ?
How bout about Hooters East ?
Con Ed and the "city buddies" had a jackpot $$ ball at Fresh Meadows.

Anonymous said...

List ONE SUCCESS that the
"diner king" has under his belt!

because we don't see any!