Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Film industry gets its tax break

From the Daily News:

The state has pumped $350 million into the budget to resupply a successful tax credit for film and TV production - but the cash influx has gotten mixed reviews from the industry.

Despite having to address a $16.2 billion budget gap, Gov. Paterson and legislative leaders found the cash to re-up the tax credits, which have spawned $2.5 billion in new business since they hit the books in 2005.

"In the midst of our financial crisis, we got $350 million to continue the level of production that's here," said Douglas Steiner, chairman of Steiner Studios in Brooklyn. "That is nothing short of fantastic."

But John Ford, president of Manhattan-based Local 52 of the Motion Picture Studio Mechanics, said industry growth will be slowed because the funding is only for one year.

"I'm thankful ... but at the end of the day, that's not going to help us bring jobs here," he said.

Painting from SJF New York Art


Anonymous said...

Like handing the bank robber bullets to shoot yourself.

Whatever is left of that $$$$ after the fat cats feed is still gonna go straight into speed building soundstages in Vancouver and the Czek Republic.

Anonymous said...

Local 1 and 52 are already sharpening their knives to run every production into overtime.
The money will be gone by the September TV season

Taxpayer said...

No money for saving hospitals.

Lots of money to save the glitzy Hollywood empty heads who will use it to finance more of the same political morons.

Screw the physically ill. Finance the mentally ill Hollywood types.

Now you know their priorities.

Anonymous said...

No money to bring jobs here...
Maybe you should bring the jobs here because it make economic sense?

Because you have access to a large, high quality pool of labor, good transportation system, museums and culture for your star's off hours, medical treatment when they become ill?

I know, if you don't get your blood money you should move all of your productions to Death Valley. That is surely the right climate for you.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!! Victory, sweet victory!!! Smellit my brothers and sisters - victory!!

Anonymous said...

Victory? It's been extended for 1 year. Suna's threatening to not build his megaproject if it isn't a multi-year deal. JUST SAY NO!

Anonymous said...

The blind leading the blind.. what a joke. This ass wants to tax us on everything, but finds money for this. The state did nothing to help stop two hospitals from shutting down, which then cause so many to lose their jobs. OMG i cannot wait to election season starts. We need to clean house and get these bastards out.

Lino said...

The irony in this is that the place that has lost almost all production:
Los Angeles. They have gone from over 77 features/year five years ago to -5- this year.

L.A. Has been gored by tax breaks in several other states as well as Toronto and it's bad economy has made it unable to compete for the industry it fostered.

NYC has actually fared far better than Hollywood which is becoming a hollowed-out tourist attraction.

-Joe said...

Woohoo!!! Victory, sweet victory!!!
Don’t count your chicks yet 52 you should know by now you I or 829
wont see a penny of it.


That money will be rifled straight into the pockets of these pigs.
This will happen before the first line of anything is rehearsed, let alone, grips, scenery, lighting.

At best they will sending more interns out with the old NTSC handy cams to shoot the latest fake reality bullsh*t.

Step 2:
Tell the clueless mayor and Gov they spent 10 million dollars a week shooting & CAUGH CAUGH helping local commerce.

It is at this time "they" will be back on the doorstep of Deaf Dumb and Blind boy in top hats&Yumicas waving the tin cups again.

Local commerce my ass
..No ?

How About Jennifer Aniston or any Hollywood koo Koos buying Gucci bags or Gyros on Stienway street ?
..no ?

The only time I saw a private cateror (Orlandos in Manhasset) was in Manhasset when DiNero and Jay Roach shot "Meet The Parents" and scenes for "The Good Shepherd"

Even then the cast made "B" lines to corperate owned suits at the Garden City Hotel)


Anonymous said...

".....we are the champions, no time for losers cause we are the champions...."