Friday, April 10, 2009

Dutch Kills deli gambling raid

From the Queens Gazette:

Police at the 114th Precinct raided the deli at 38-02 31st St. in the Dutch Kills section of Long Island City at about 3 p.m. on April 4, where they arrested two people and uncovered an undisclosed number of illegal gambling machines and equipment, along with receipts and paraphernalia used in the operation.


Anonymous said...

The area brings people off the isle of Manhattan in search of drugs and hookers anyway.

So why not gambling too?

Somebody contact that Queens tourism
group and tell them to add this to the list of amenities we can provide
to travellers!

"towers'" resident said...

I just got a great BJ and scored some crack in DK.

Now I'm looking for a good game of chance!

Anonymous said...

And the hypsters intend to sell condos to midwest yuppies around here?

Maybe condoms....certainly not condos!

No wonder sales are dropping....the word's getting around.

Erik Baard said...

Funny, I went shopping there when I was waiting for my usual steamed veggies at Good Taste down the street. All of the goods seemed old and the vibe was weird and cautious. I suspected a drug operation for a fleeting moment but then dismissed it. Gambling didn't cross my mind, though some bodegas I knew in years past were rumored to be cockfighting rings and card parlors.