Friday, February 13, 2009

This is not a pothole

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 8:39 AM
Subject: Re:Pothole Defect

Thank you for reporting a possible pothole problem. Our road maintenance crews have inspected the location and determined that the street defect in question is not a pothole. There are other kinds of street defects that have different causes than potholes and that require different types of corrective action. There are many types of street defect other than potholes; these include cave-ins, defective manhole covers and other types of faulty street equipment, failed street cuts and old utility cuts. You can visit our web site at where we provide examples of these types of problems. Please call 311 and the Call Center representative will assist you in reporting this problem. Thank you for your concern in this matter.

According to their cute little chart, this appears to be a "ponding condition". So DOT sent a crew out to take a look at this non-pothole and then instead of them passing the info onto the division that handles this problem, they dumped it back in the lap of the member of the public that contacted them in the first place. Very efficient!

Maybe DOT can explain why the asphalt appears to flow over the sidewalk. Their answer will probably be that this is Willets Point, so what do you expect?


Maspethian said...

WP does not have potholes. It has CRATERS. To go through and not acknowledge that means you are a LIAR.

back in black said...

lies & more lies just another day in the last 30 at willets point, being neglected by mayor billinaireburg & mr seth pinsky

Anonymous said...

Seth Pinsky? You mean the dweeb that whined about getting free food for his luxury box at Yankee Stadium? Let's hire a Crown Container to dump him in the transfer station, then we'll bury him in sawdust from Bono. (We can charge DOS for waste removal.)

Anonymous said...

So clearly the problem is not "pot holes" but a deeper problem that requires other corrective repairs.

Guess people shouldnt jump to conclusions without all the information on what the issue really is.

Anonymous said...

i cant belive this city . how can they let these roads get like this and DOT wont even fix them ? why pay taxes , just sad real sad

Queens Crapper said...

No you seem to be missing the point. The agency that handles this problem is still DOT. DOT was informed of the existence of the problem, but refuses to do anything about it because the person who reported it called it a pothole and not a ponding condition. It's just another excuse for not doing anything to fix it.

Anonymous said...

then DOT should be look ator in to. to see why there doing this its not right

Anonymous said...

It looks like something more than a ponding condition. It could be a cratering condition due to the shifting conditions of the landfill underneath. That would fall to DEP.

Queens Crapper said...

Once again, bouncing it back to the person who complained instead of making sure it is appropriately addressed is extremely lame. DOT would know best if DEP was the one to handle it. "That no me job" should not be an acceptable response.

Anonymous said...

that is par for the course in 311 all around the city. Nothing specific to this area.

I read an article in the NYT about a street light on the UES that took a year to fix properly.

Anonymous said...

No kidding, the one in the photo is nothing

Some of those holes in willets point are over a foot deep and 30 feet wide!
Its like driving on the moon down there!
When it snows the city doesn’t plow.

When the snow melts it forms these mounds of ice and black "sludge" pools that swallow cars up to the door handles !
I drove in the edge of one with a 4X4 and couldnt get out. All my wheels were spinning.
I had to back up 1/4 the way down the street

Anonymous said...

this city is a joke and for the people who run it should all go to hell