Monday, February 2, 2009

Something else that will never get built

From 1010 WINS:

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and a developer will keep negotiating past a deadline for reaching a contract to overhaul a swath of rail yards on the Hudson River in Manhattan, an MTA spokesman said Saturday.

The transit agency and Related Cos. had set a Saturday deadline for a deal on the 26-acre, multibillion-dollar Hudson Yards project. It is considered one of the best development opportunities left in the city, but it comes as the credit crisis is hitting commercial real estate hard, leaving many developers without financing sources.

MTA spokesman Jeremy Soffin said the agency and company had "constructive negotiations" Saturday and agreed to continue talking Monday. A Related spokeswoman did not immediately respond to an e-mail message Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Here comes the give-a-way by the M-T-A!

Anonymous said...

The bloom is off Bloomberg and his notions for the transformation of a metropolis into a Disney-esque
picture-pretty-perfect city!

Say goodnight Mike
(Ratner, Trump, Wilpon, Muss, Shulman, Parkside, etc.)!


Anonymous said...

Maestro, please give me an "A":

(You all know the accompanying melody. Please join in).

The party's over,
It's time you pols called it a day.

The builders have had their fun,
Now it's the end of the run.

Things won't be going your way!

The economy's busted,
And the infrastructure's rusted.

Time to pull in your gut,
Bid farewell to your slut
And drinking Poully Fuisse

(pronounced poo-lee fwee-say
I hope my French is right...if not please correct me)!

So my parody is a bit clunky.
I'm just an amateur and open to a rewrite!

Anybody out there care to improve upon or finish this song?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, crapper, wrong again!

It will get built, and you'll have the opportunity to cry about it, just like you cry about all construction in the city.

Obviously nothing can be financed at this very moment, as global credit markets are frozen, but markets are already unfreezing, and a site like this is worth billions.

Anonymous said...

Oh every piece of land will eventually be built upon. But a deck over a railyard - doubtful. Too many logistics involved that drive up cost plus there's an increased threat of terrorism. So I think the Crapper's right - the original proposal will never get built.

Missing Foundation said...

Obviously nothing can be financed at this very moment, as global credit markets are frozen, but markets are already unfreezing, and a site like this is worth billions.

Except that a Democrat is in the White House, infrastructure has been rotting since Regan, and people are hurting.

You developer bloodsuckers just might have to stay in line and make your case like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

It will be built eh?

Tell that to Muss (an old time builder) who can't seem to finish
his Flushing project because he's in trouble getting financing and
apparently owes money!

There are a lot of other megalomaniac developers in his boat these days.

Your just whistling past the graveyard again to avert your fears
of a further downward spiral in the economy.


Think small...
like the size of your brain!

Anonymous said...

I love it when EDC flunkies are assigned to comb "Queens Crap" and have to torture themselves to come up with believable puff-piece counter posts for developers!

I wonder if lame Mc Shane
landed a full time job working for them.